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It’s Only Over If You Want It to Be!

We were told that bookstores are dead and that readers no longer desire to patronize book stores because of e-books. I am convinced that this is not the case, and that collectively we can revitalize Black Wall Street and prevent the demise of the very entrepreneurs who hipped us to many of our favorite authors and publishing houses by purchasing their products.  Your support of our small effort to find a creative way to support these community entrepreneurs has convinced me that this statement isn’t true.   We all have watched the demise of Borders, let’s vote to save ours!

Right before the Harlem Book Fair in July, we launched an all out campaign to do our part to support our community with the release of Lorton Legends by Eyone Williams, watch the video below for more information on this.

Thank you to everyone that purchased Lorton Legends by Eyone Williams before the official release date (September 1 on E-readers and paperback additions on retail websites)! A special shout out to the book stores who carried the title early and the readers who supported the stores by going out and purchasing the book in stores like The Literary Joint-Bookstore, Cartel Cafe-Bookstore, Philly Horizon-Books, Black Bookstore Clarrissa, Empire Books and many others.  Because of your support, Lorton Legends is in reprint and we are so thankful! I can’t express enough how much I love the literary arts and my community. Our support is crucial to save a dying breed of writers, publishers, and local bookstores.

To our loyal readers who continue to post comments and inbox us about how much you have enjoyed the book…we do this for you!  Many sleepless nights, unattended events and so forth are forfeited because of the love for literary arts and the development of literary treasures for your reading pleasures, please, do not box the artist into an online presence only community where we no longer can meet you face to face or travel to meet you in your cities because there are no venues to host us.

 I urge you to support your local bookstores and vendors in addition to making your online purchases.

Lastly, if you have read a good book please leave a review for the author. To leave a review on websites is just as important to a writer as an award.

 Again, I say thank you. Without you, there is no us. You voted with your purchase and we heard you. We  will continue to bring our titles to you in the physical and e-book form!

Until next time, happy reading!