7 Promotional Tips You Should Use When Participating In Festivals and Events

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to share a few tips on how you can assist in spreading the word about forthcoming events and festivals that you plan on attending.  With the shift in online sales in the publishing industry, it is now imperative that all vendors assist the host of festivals and events by participating in the marketing and promotions of them. To follow are seven promotional tips that can help.

Successful events take a collective effort.

1. Reach out to media outlets by press release announcing your participation in the event and outline exactly how you are participating in the event, i.e. featured author, panelist, book vendor etc.

2. Promote the event via your social media outlets and website. Create a schedule for such, reminding your followers weekly and then daily as the event draws closer.

3. Send an email blast to your email contacts announcing the event several times; developing a schedule for this is important so that you don’t kill your list.

4. Create your own flyer or reach out to the sponsors to see if flyers have been created that can be inserted in your books (use the jpg to insert in your  e-books and insert the flyers in your  paperback book orders leading up to the event.) Post the jpg image of the flyers on you walls, in groups and on your website.

5. Run a contest that you can announce and reward the winners at the event with, this will create excitement and also give you an idea of who plans to attend.

6. Mention the event in both written and radio interviews and be sure to point them to the event’s website or your website where they can find more information.

7. Connect with the event host and other participants via twitter and other social media outlets and reImagepost, like and share information about the event.

Lastly, the day of the event be sure to stand behind or beside your displays and books. Sitting down appears to be too relaxed at your display, you most likely paid for the event so go the extra mile and make your presence known!

See you at the next literary event!

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