by Guest Blogger Mack Mama

Today’s guest blogger stepped on the scene making a lot of noise; she is the CEO of Starstatus Publishing, radio host of Mack Mama’s World, and a blogger at Corner Store Magazine. I had the pleasure of appearing on her radio show and hosting her at my mobile bookstore. What I admire about Mack is that she understands that in this business that you have to work. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Below Mack shares her experience with you on becoming a reliable brand. Enjoy.

I am an author, entertainer, radio host, motivational speaker, blogger and super promoter. I never let anybody forget that. To be relevant and “stay” relevant in any business, you must BRAND yourself and your product.

I came into the publishing game green with no prior experience, other than knowing how to get the party started. I applied my skills as an entertainer and created a buzz for myself, and my books.

I didn’t limit myself by only introducing my books, I took it a step further and shared my music, my videos, my radio show and every website, blog-site and link that displayed all of my projects, product and talent.
I saturated the market. It’s as simple as that. I came in like a steam train, screeching to an abrupt stop, I put my conductor hat on and stepped on to the platform announcing ALL ABOARD!

It didn’t stop there, I actually have good products, It’s so easy when what your selling is actually good quality. That is something that is essential to effective marketing and promoting. It will make or break you. Is this shit good? Is this book hot, exciting? Is this show interesting? If you can answer in the affirmative to each of those questions, then you’re on to something.

Longevity is difficult if your product sucks! Where do you go from there? You may not have the opportunity to wow your audience again, because you’ve lost them the first go around.

Have you ever noticed that a few of the newbies authors, singers, rappers, T.V personalities are no longer around. They disappeared after a few hits, a short run of sorts, they were good, but couldn’t put out consistent hits. They simply aren’t reliable brands.

I plan for the future and stay two steps in front of myself. I am my only competition, and, I want you to be that way as well. It’s all about staying power. Now, ask yourself “ How can I make people remember my brand?” I know the answer, but I can’t give it up all at once. I will leak it slowly I don’t like to rush things. You won’t remember if I dump it all on you now. It’s the same as a guy that gets the sex on the first date, why on earth will he stick around after getting the prize. He needs to want more. So, I give up the foreplay and string you along. Until next time…

Mack Mama author of “Tales of an Original Bad Girl” and “Daisy Jones”. For more information on Mack Mama and to purchase her books, visit


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