Straight, No Chaser: Money Ain’t Everything

We sat down with Eyone to get the scope on Money Ain’t Everything. Being a veteran in the game, we wanted to know firsthand what Mr. Real Is Back has been working on

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What inspired you to write this novel?

My man, Panama, inspired me to write this book.  At a time in my life where I was going through some very heavy things he and I shared the same struggle and quest for freedom.  I was a young brother that had just published my first book while doing time in federal prison.  Panama was a brother that had just spent fifteen years fighting for a new trail in the court of appeals.  Knowing his background and what he’d just gone through, Panama’s story inspired me to write a street tale from a different angle.  I wanted to write a story that started from the very bottom and carried readers to the top of the food chain in a way that only real life could do.  It was not only a story that inspired me to write, it was also a story that challenged me as a writer to fictionalize real life events?

What’s the significance of the title Money Ain’t Everything?

Where I’m from, money making was always the driving force behind a lot of things that we did coming up.  Money had an enormous affect on the way we lived our lives.  In pursuit of the all mighty dollar a lot of lives were changed forever.  Money is some thing that we all need to survive in this world, but when it becomes the ultimate evil that causes our demise we have to step back and ask ourselves what’s really important.  So, the main point that I wanted to express with the title is that no matter what’s on in life, money is not everything.  Things like family, honor, and loyalty are some of the most important things in life.

Is this a true story?

I can’t say that it is all true.  I did research on things that made this story a story that I wanted to spend my time writing.  It is based on a true story, a story that has been covered in the news and in court cases that date back to the early 90s.  When researching the facts about this story it came to life like a Hollywood movie.  However, I also wrote some non-fiction articles about this same story.  The real story is public record.

What does this book do for your career as an author and a publisher?

This book is the second book of mine that I have published under Fast Lane Entertainment.  It’s another step in the direction of being a successful author and publisher at the end of the day.  Money Ain’t Everything is book number 6 for me. I’m very grateful to still be around and doing my thing with the support of my people.  I put my all into my work as an author; I strive to bring the best book to my readers and that keeps me hungry.  As a publisher, I’m just getting started.  I’m paying my dues.  However, I’m a good businessman, I learn fast, so in due time I will have my weight up, so to speak.  I’m here to stay; my name is a name that has to come up when people talk about their favorite authors.

In the book, Money Ain’t Everything, what drives your main character, and how does that strengthen the storyline?

The main character in Money Ain’t Everything is a young Panamanian by the name of Vicioso.  He grows up in the slums of Panama City, a project by the name of Santa Cruz.  Poverty is an everyday thing for Vicioso and his kind.  He longs for a better life where they want for nothing and he sets out to make life better by any means.  His ambitions are limitless; he will stop at nothing to change his circumstances.  Chasing money and a better life lands Vicioso in the U.S. during the height of the crack era.  The storyline flows up and down just as life does for Vicioso.  For readers that feel like they have read every story that has anything to do with a drug dealer, I make it a point to take the story deeper into real life than most of the books that focus on that part of street life.  The storyline rarely breaks off into other things other than Vicioso’s climb to the top and everything that comes with that struggle.  From being a man with nothing to a man with all that he could dream of, Vicioso still goes through the same joys and pains of an everyday person striving for something better in life.  He’s ambitious; he knows how to make something out of nothing.  He’s a loving son; he does anything for his mother and his woman.  He stands against all odds for his team.  The whole novel is a journey through from the main character’s point of view.

What should your readers expect when they pick up Money Ain’t Everything.

By all means, they should expect to read a story that is a hardcore look into the life of a character that really bets his last dollar on a long shot.  In the wake of the unknown, Vicioso risks his life to chase his dreams and visions.  Deep inside all of us, we long to take a long shot at times.  Sure most of us won’t risk it all because we know better, but we can all relate to someone that’s not afraid to live out the script.  Also, like all of my work, I try my best to tell the story like it really goes down.  It’s no secret that my past has been filled with enough of this or that to tell a different street story every time out.  It’s “Real is back!” every time you support me and read one of my books.  For that I send out nothing but thanks.  I’m grateful.

About Eyone Williams


Eyone Williams was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  He is a publisher, author, rapper, and actor representing urban life in a way that is uniquely his.  Known for hard-core, gritty novels, Eyone made the Don Diva best-seller list with his first novel, Fast Lane (Fast Lane Publications).  He followed up his debut novel with Hell Razor Honeys 1 and 2 (The Cartel Publications).  He then delivered his readers a short story entitled The Cross (DC Bookdiva Publications).  He’s also a staff writer for Don Diva Magazine, his most notable work is featured in Don Diva’s issue 30, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, where he outlined the rise and fall of D.C. street legends Michael “Fray” Salters and Wayne Perry.  Eyone’s first acting role was in the movie Dark City (District Hustle).  His latest mixtape, A Killer’z Ambition, is a sound track to the novel, A Killer’z Ambition (DC Bookdiva Publications) by Nathan Welch.  With the release of his fourth novel, Lorton Legends (DC Bookdiva Publications), Eyone reached new heights in his career and won the AAMBC award for Male Author of The Year for 2012.  Always working, Eyone followed up Lorton Legends with another bestseller in Secrets Never Die (DC Bookdiva Publications).  Secrets Never Die is soon to be a movie.

For more information about Eyone Williams visit his Facebook page:, also follow him on Twitter @eyonethewriter, and on Instagram at uptowneyone

Available on e-readers and in print on January 18.  To order your autographed copy, visit

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