Stop The Press: Fast Lane Entertainment presents the highly anticipated novel, Money Ain’t Everything

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Fast Lane Entertainment presents the highly anticipated novel, Money Ain’t Everything, a novel based on a true story of one man’s climb to the top by all means.

Money Ain't Everything image

Award winning author Eyone Williams is back again with his sixth novel, but this time he has taken true events and fictionalized them in way that only he could do.  With research that dates back to Panama in the early 80s and District of Columbia court cases from the 90s, Eyone has crafted a story that really digs deep into the underworld and shows the devastating effects of the drug game on all that come in contact with it for the sake of money.

Money Ain’t Everything begins in the slums of Panama City, Panama where the main character, Vicioso, is striving and struggling to survive and climb out of poverty the only way he knows how.  Readers go on a journey with Vicioso from Panama to the U.S. as he chases a better life for himself and his family.  Dangers of all kinds present themselves as money becomes the main focus of everyone in Vicioso’s circle.  The drug game threatens to destroy everything good in Vicioso’s life as he tries his best to keep his family together.

“I try my best to come from a different angle every time I write a book.” says Eyone.  “In urban fiction, some stories are told over and over again.  I try my best never to be a part of that trend in the genre, so I went back in time and took some real life events and fictionalized them to give readers a real feel of what it’s like for people who really live the lives that books, movies, and music make popular.

Fast Lane Entertainment promotes, publishes, and markets authors in the urban genre. For more information about Author Eyone Williams and Fast Lane Entertainment visit his Facebook page at Money Ain’t Everything is available on e-readers, and in stores January 2013.


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