Save The Date: Author Chat and Murder In Germantown Booksigning w/ Author Rahiem Brooks

Join us as we chat with Author Rahiem Brooks!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Watha T. Daniel Library

1630 7th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20001


About the Author

Rahiem Jerome Brooks is the breakout novelist with an overwhelming reservoir of criminal tales that motivate American denizen to be overprotective with their personal data, i.e. social security number, pin number, and account number. He is a member of the Mystery Writer’s of America, and his debut street thriller, LAUGH NOW won 2010 African-Americans on the Move Book Club’s Book of the Year & he earned 2011 AAMBC Author of the Year. LAUGH NOW also the Most Creative Plot at the DMV Expo’s Creative Excellent Awards. Rahiem was also nominated as Self-Published Author of the Year at the 2011 African-American Literary Awards.

Since 1995, Rahiem Brooks has done hundreds of interviews with con men and swindlers in county, state and federal prisons; after all, he was locked down in them, too. He spawned tougher white collar crimes law and the Truncated Act. Hollywood blockbusters like Oceans Eleven and Italian Job that do not affect ordinary citizens are nothing more than entertainment. Through fictional accounts of his former crimes, Rahiem conveys the types of white-collar crimes that obstruct the livelihood of identity theft victims, by chronicling how con men acquire someones identity profile from an avaricious car salesman or medical records specialist for a small fee, and commences to rob the national economy to the tune of 14-billion dollars a year. Rahiems novels prompt retailers to thoroughly scrutinize every transaction, and not to allow a teenager to use the credit card in the name, Dr. John Warwick. Sounds absurd, and it is; however, successful swindlers like Rahiem has used credit cards with the last name Romanovski, Wu, and Philippidis. A glimpse at Rahiems press photo evidence, he is not a Wu.

Some of Rahiem’s other published books include: CON TEST (Prodigy Publishing Group) released 4-11-11, and DIE LATER (Prodigy Publishing Group) released 11-18-11, the highly anticipated sequel to the published novel, LAUGH NOW (Prodigy Publishing Group).

Rahiem Brooks studied Film/TV at the University of California, Los Angeles, and currently lives in Philadelphia building his Prodigy Publishing Group brand.

About Murder In Germantown



A smooth, savvy, sardonic, gay, criminal law attorney, Ravonne Lemmelle has been hired fresh out of Harvard Law School to Savino, Martir and Associates, a large Philadelphia firm. A recently separated, single father of one, with a few acquittals under his belt, he’s got a soft spot for no one, but the law. On a dark January morning, Wydell James was arrested for killing several people attending a party in Germantown: a section of North Philadelphia. Now he’s in a jail cell with no one to turn too, but his childhood friend, Ravonne Lemmelle. One thing makes Ravonne feel powerful; forcing prosecutors to dig deep into their legal coffers to sit across the courtroom from him. His investigation turns up more suspects, a new purpose to kill, and Ravonne realizes the power is closer—and more obtainable—than he could ever possibly known. Things become more complex when two people enters his life: his estranged wife and a serial killer. But Ravonne’s one purpose: an acquittal for Wydell James.

13 thoughts on “Save The Date: Author Chat and Murder In Germantown Booksigning w/ Author Rahiem Brooks”

  1. Rahiem Brooks, is by far one of the most active, influential, consistent, and motivating authors out today. He not only strives to produce the best work possible, but he also pushes others beyond the level of their creativity.

    Mr. Brooks novels are great reads that I would suggest to anyone. His imagination…his imagination is not restricted to one type of work. He is able to write about love, lies, murder, mysteries, and CON TEST!

    I highly suggest getting to know Mr. Brooks

  2. Rahiem The-Authortainer Brooks is a role model for what this industry is about. He takes on the task of being an author and publisher with that of great professionalism and integrity. Not only does he work toward excellence in his own projects, but he reaches out to those who have come after him in an effort to assist them in realizing their dreams as well. I have watched Rahiem take on the weight of the industry in ways that were outside of his own personal scope and agenda. Selfless acts like those are what will keep the literary arena alive and well!

  3. Webster’s Dictionary defines a gentlemen as ‘a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety’. I give you Rahiem The-Authortainer Brooks. Mr. Brooks sets high standards for himself and encourages others to do the same. He studies his craft and shares his findings with others. His goals are high and I expect he is well on his way of meeting each one of them.

  4. I have had the pleasure of meeting Rahiem Brooks and he is a perfect gentleman, and his work ethics are admirable. Plain and simple his hustle is no joke! I won’t be surprised when he is on the New York Times Best Sellers List for his work.

  5. I’ve really all the books Mr. Brooks has written so far. His books are like a romantic thriller w a twist!
    Greensboro NC

  6. I have fond that Rahiem is one of most humble, hardworking and entertaining authors I know. His novel, ConTest, had me on the edge of my seat with its twists, turns, ups and downs. I look forward to finally meeting you in person.

  7. Rahiem Brooks novel is among the best of this genre! I read all if his books,they capture your attention and keep it through the entire novel! His story lines doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve
    missed the point! He’s always engaging his rea

    der and very supportive if other author! Oh yeah takes us
    on all his read trips thru FB,Twitter,Instagram,

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