Literary Spotlight: Sweet Malevolence by Najee Jamerson


When Alexia Salazar and Cayo meet, they don’t expect the journey that ahead of them. Alexia is next in line to take the throne of her father’s lucrative drug empire. Cayo is one of the most notorious hit men anyone has ever come across. So what are the two doing together? A night of passion leads them down a path of destruction when a hit for six million dollars is put out on Alexia and her Alano. Cayo’s team is hired for the job. It gets worst when one of the assassins is Sade, Cayo’s ex – wife who he still cares about deeply. When tragedy strikes the Salazar home, Alexia is out for blood and will stop at nothing to get the people responsible. Cayo on the other hand is trying to protect Alexia and Sade from each other. Will Alexia find the person responsible for the hit on her family or will Sade kill her first? Will Cayo be able to convince his ex – wife to about the suicide mission or will the chance of six million dollars be too great for Sade to turn down?

About the Author


Najee Jamerson was born in Long Beach California and raised in Bellflower California with her mother and three brothers. She wrote her first novel, ‘Rescue Me’ at age fourteen after seeing one of her best friends writing a story. She never thought about writing until she read one of her best friend’s stories and told herself “I can do that.” From then on Najee never put down her pen; she fell in love with writing. It was a match made in heaven.

At age fifteen Najee received a publishing deal but it crumbled shortly after. In spite of the outcome, Najee was still determined to have her manuscripts read and published. She knew writing was what she was meant to do and she wasn’t going to have it any other way. By age sixteen, Najee had well over thirty unpublished manuscripts under her belt.

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