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About The Book

The publishing industry has shifted 180° in the decade Deatri has worked in it as a developmental editor and author. The traditional route is no longer the only way to become a legitimate published author, and self publishing is no longer a dirty little secret. As an author, should you travel the traditional or self published route? Become A Successful Author does not tell you to pick one over the other or pit one against the other. Become A Successful Author gives you steps to capitalize on the strengths of both to build a strong brand readers can’t get enough of. What is branding? How do you grow a large, loyal reader base? How do you break into traditional publishing? How do you publish your backlist? How do you format a book? How do you find your target audience? How do you market your books? It’s all in there and a whole lot more. With the advances in technology, anyone can be a published author, but not all authors are successful. Keep your focus: Increase quality, credibility and visibility of your brand.

Book Review

A fantastic book! A must have for every writer, published or not.

I am the author of six published print books and have since had the publication rights revert back to me. I wanted to digitally publish them myself, but had no idea how to go about it. I consulted an author friend who has published over 30 books, and she recommended this book, Become a Successful Author. She couldn’t have given me any better advice! King-Bey’s book is like having an experienced expert holds your hand every step of the way! There wasn’t a single question about digital publishing that this book didn’t answer and answer in depth. As a result I have now published two eBooks from my backlist, and will soon digitally publish the rest.

Although I was already a published author and mostly interested in the digital publishing information, the book gives a multitude of great advice and guidance for the unpublished author as well. The book is such a complete reference for writing for publication that I now recommend it to every aspiring writer who asks me about becoming published.

As an extra plus, King-Bey’s writing style is witty and humorous, making what might otherwise be difficult to digest technical information a pleasure–even fun–to read.

King-Bey has written a book that is a virtual curriculum in becoming (and staying) published.



About The Author

Deatri King-Bey began in the publishing industry in 2001 as an editor for Third World Press Inc., the oldest African-American owned publishing company in the country. Though she supported the non-fiction and literary mission of Third World Press Inc., she found commercial fiction more to her liking. On the fiction side of developmental editing, she freelanced for several publishing houses 0ver the years and has edited for authors such as L. A. Banks, Beverly Jenkins and a host of others. Deatri is also a women’s fiction and romance author. In 2008, her title Whisper Something Sweet won the Emma Award for Best Steamy Romance of the Year. Deatri also writes dangerously sexy suspense with Curtis L. Alcutt under the pseudonym L. L. Reaper. Their first installment of the Black Widow and the Sandman series is available.

Deatri is currently the Chair of the Romance Slam Jam Organization, the place for readers and authors of Black romance to meet, is writing, editing, conducting workshops and whatever else she can get into.

On a personal note, Deatri fell in love with and married her hero while they were in the military together. She also graduated Magna Cum Laude from Chicago State University and raised three fantastic daughters who have given her three fantastic grandchildren. Currently, she lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband of twenty-four years.

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