Literary Spotlight: Pink Lipstick and Pistols by Pinky Dior



About the Book

Take a ride with Milan, a gorgeous young woman with a pink pistol in her possession, and her boyfriend Stakkz, who knows what Milan is capable of. When a robbery goes wrong because of Milan, they end up fleeing the scene of a homicide. They have five bricks in their possession and a chance to sell them to the Cubans for $75,000 cash. Milan’s dreams of a nice house and better life for herself, Stakkz, and her family seem that much closer to coming true – if everything goes according to plan. But even the best-laid plans can go wrong. Does Milan have what it takes to come out on top?- Pink Lipstick & Pistols dropping 3-1-13







About The Author

Ricketta has been putting pen to paper since junior high school by keeping her journal filled with poems. By 9th grade, Ricketta – or Pinky Dior, as she is fondly called in the literary world – had finished her first manuscript. With the encouragement of a teacher, Pinky was inspired to pursue a career in writing. Now, at age 22, Pinky has several short stories: “Hazel Eyes”, “The Diamond Exchange”, “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, “Pink Lipstick & Pistols” short story series. She’s also featured in two anthologies, Almighty Dolla and Bitches Ain’t Loyal.

Pinky has a beautiful baby girl who she grinds hard for. When she was born, Pinky fell off track with her writing, but she got back on board and now nothing will stop her! She has eight unpublished novels and many more started on her laptop. With more work by Pinky on the way, make sure you keep an eye out for this talented author, because she’s here to stay.


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