Literary Spotlight: The Hustle Chronicles 1 and 2 by Blacc Topp

hustlechroniclesAbout The Book

Julius Jr.’s childhood is far less than perfect. He is torn between his mother and father who are going thru a bitter divorce. His world is turned upside down when his father takes him from the comfort of the family home in Benton Harbor Michigan to the brutal streets of South Dallas Texas.
When Julius Jr.’s family is gruesomely murdered his life takes a dramatic turn. His mother Naje’ moves to Texas to care for her youngest son and finds herself drawn into a conspiracy that threatens to not only take the life of her youngest son but hers as well. Roll with Julius as he grows into the ultimate hustler and unrelenting killer that the gang-ridden streets of South Dallas often breeds. Where pimping, drug dealing, treachery and betrayal go hand in hand.

Book Review

I was given this book as a gift and it was truly a wonderful gift. I started reading it at 11am and finished it at 5:19 pm. I could not put it down until it was done. I am anxiously awaiting the next book because I have to know what happens next. I can’t wait to see how the new generation of the Gage brothers handle things. I know they will take things to a completely different level from their father. BlaccTopp did an excellent job and Treasure Blue and Faye Wilkes I thank you from the bottom of my heart for recommending this book.
Hustle Chronicles Part 2
With Booty Green dead and Julius Jr. being framed for his murder, Naje’, Devon and Angelica scramble to keep Julius from spending the rest of his life in prison. Yellow Shoes and Rabbit want them dead, the Barrera brothers need them alive and their women just want them safe. But Devon and Julius are making more enemies than friends. Angelica is pregnant with Julius’ child and all she wants and needs is a “normal” life, but the Gage family is far from normal. They are a family caught up in lust, wrath, greed, pride, and envy. Five of the seven deadly sins that threaten to tear their family to shreds in this high powered tale of treachery, deceit and murder.
Book Review
I couldn’t wait to get The Hustle Chronicles 2 home and get reading. This book was way more than I could of ever expected. Usually the first book is hard to beat but this book had so many unexpected twists and turns. I could never of imagined what I was about to read next that I actually stayed up half the night reading because I could not put this book down. Blacc Top, you deserve way more than the five stars allowed on the page. The story of the Gage family is so intense and the love for one another could never be measured on any scale. The avenues taken and trails left behind will leave such an impression that anyone who reads this book will be thirsting for more that when they read the third book this will not be enough, we will only be left wanting more and more and more.Not one little detail was missed in this book, from the first book to the second every detail followed each part like a puzzle. The story was so mind catching that you would have known if something was out of place. Great writing! I cannot wait for the third book although once that book is read I will be somewhat sad that it will be the end of the Chronicles. I would love to continue following the life of the Gage family as it so interesting. I’m sure we will have many more great books to read from our Famous Author that no matter what it is he writes it will take our minds for another exciting journey. BTW, love that Shayla!

Thank you for opening your mind to all of us and sharing your talents!

Blacc TopAbout The Author
Blacc Topp was born to a father that was a gangster turned preacher and a mother that was a singer, artist, and scholar. He was born into a family of preachers, pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, dope fiends, and squares. Blacc Topp was raised on the streets of South Dallas, Texas. After the death of his father, feeling as though he had nowhere to turn he turned to the gang. The neighborhood gang, Dixon Circle 357um Gangsta Crips is where he would learn to become ruthless and unfeeling. Although he was deep in the gang and game he continued his studies for fear that his mother would make him move to Florida.
By the age nineteen he had been shot three times and was on his way to the Texas Department of Corrections with a forty year prison sentence for distribution of narcotics. While inside he lost his youngest sister to the violence of drugs in 1996. After serving seven years he was granted parole (mainly due to his mother’s efforts). He used the education that he obtained inside to land a job at a top engineering firm in Texas. He used his love of word play to push himself to local fame on the hip-hop scene in Texas and Florida but, he would lose his mother to cancer in 2006, only to lose his oldest sister to cancer in 2008 and he knew something had to change. He began to chronicle his life, his mishaps and his capers which gave birth to The Hustle Chronicles, his debut novel and soundtrack of the same name. He is a father to three young children and husband to a beautiful and supportive wife. They reside in the state of Florida.

2 thoughts on “Literary Spotlight: The Hustle Chronicles 1 and 2 by Blacc Topp”

  1. I’ve read THC pt 1 and it was great. I really enjoyed how the author kept me in suspense. I will be ordering THC 2 real soon.

  2. This series is a must read!!! Blacc Top keeps you on the edge of your seat with all the twists and turns as you travel through the life of Julius Jr. This is aome real, gritty and exciting writing! I am on pins and needles awaiting THC3…

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