Author Spotlight: Pinky Dior is back!

When Don Carter flies to Santiago de Cuba, his plans are to rendezvous with his new connect, Vicente. He never expected to meet the beautiful and vestal virgin Maria – Vicente’s daughter. It was love at first sight, Don and Maria unite romantically, the ultimate betrayal and disrespect to Vicente. A love child – Mercedes is born. Risking it all for love, Don gives up everything and arranges for the two of them to be moved to New York City. Mercedes is the splitting image of her mother and Don does everything in his power to provide the same lifestyle Maria was provided in Cuba by Vicente. Mercedes lives the good life until old wounds are rehashed in the form of an informant. The Carter family is under attack as several members are murdered and secrets are exposed in the most vicious form. Will Mercedes find out who’s behind all of the havoc before it’s too late?


Where did you get the inspiration to write “The Hustler’s Daughter”?

I had the title “The Hustler’s Daughter” in my head for years. I considered myself a hustler’s daughter. My brother and I were talking about what I can write that would be dope but different. I took it from there.

What sets “The Hustler’s Daughter” apart from other books in the same genre?

The readers will see that “The Hustler’s Daughter” is different from the average “hustler” story. This book doesn’t focus on the hustler, but his daughter. The readers will get to take a look into her life. This book alone will make you fall in love with main character and leave you anticipating more.

As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to “The Hustler’s Daughter” getting out to the public?

Word of mouth and social media are the keys to my success.

As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish “The Hustler’s Daughter”?

When writing “The Hustler’s Daughter”, I was very persistent and determined to have it completed. I wrote every day – all day. My hands were hurting badly. I had to force myself to stop.

It was three years ago when I completed “The Hustler’s Daughter”. I believe it took two or three months to finish it.

What’s next for Pinky Dior?

Only God knows what’s next. I can only imagine and dream. I hope that “The Hustler’s Daughter” gets turned into a movie.

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Author Spotlight: Meet Clever Black


About The Author

Clever Black was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in March of 1973. He and his immediate family left New Orleans on August 28, 2005 to escape hurricane Katrina and they never returned to the city. Clever Black and his family now call Charlotte, North Carolina home. “The ninth ward, for me was a place of happiness, sorrow, despair, hopelessness, love, success and tragedy.

I learned so much in just that small piece of real estate. I learned to deal with life’s problems head on. I learned to love and care for others. I’ve witnessed so many of my friends and peers perish on the streets, that the most powerful lesson I’ve learned was not to succumb to the attitude that ‘it won’t happen to me’.

I have a deep appreciation for life and through writing, I release a lot of the penned-up emotions that have been with me since my teen years. I look at all that’s going on the world and I feel sorry for all the people I knew personally that were murdered on the streets of New Orleans. I wonder what they would’ve become. I, too, was a child of the streets, but I, by the grace of God survived those dramatic, and confusing times. I grew wiser over the years and now I have goals and dreams that are getting ever closer and more attainable. Unlike in the past, I now have hope.” Clever Black.

Clever Black Books, LLC’s goal is to deliver a thought-proving read to all who are interested in this epic family saga that exposes and expresses many a life’s experiences—the American experience. The Holland Family Saga is America at its best and its worst. It is a sweeping and epic family saga filled with drama, violence, deep-dialogue and deadly alliances. And that’s just scraping surface. I implore all who are curious, or interested, to at least have a look and see what The Holland Family Saga encompasses.

ImageAbout The Book

They Don’t Mind Dying…Those who reside there already know the saying. To everyone else—welcome to New Orleans—to be more specific—welcome to the Ninth Ward. They Don’t Mind Dying is an intense psychological thriller that chronicles in explicit detail, the inner workings of an inner city drug organization from its violent rise to power on through to its ultimate demise.
Forced out of his home and onto the streets by his aunt at the age of fifteen, Ben Holland meets two youths, Manny and Oscar, who would change his life forever when they introduce him to a life of crime. They Don’t Mind Dying tells the story of Ben Holland and how he and his friends rose to the top of the drug game and the violent lifestyle the gang’s members had become accustomed to. When events within the organization begin to unravel the gang’s solidarity, however, no amount of money in their possession, nor the police on the crew’s payroll, could stop the wheels of retribution from rolling in their direction. Ben Holland and his crew fight to remain atop the city’s drug trade, but the price of success is starting to exceed the effort; retirement is looking more and more appealing. Can Ben Holland and his crew stay alive long enough to exit the game? Or will fate have a say so in matters?
They Don’t Mind Dying is the first installment in The Holland Family Saga, a saga that will chronicle the Holland Family’s history along with the people who would shape their lives over many years. Starting with They Don’t Mind Dying, the creed in which Ben Holland and his cohorts live by throughout their violent reign, and traversing forward, the saga will reveal over time, the Holland Family’s struggles, injustices and inner demons as their lives come full circle and many secrets are revealed. The Holland Family Saga is more than fiction…It is real life in print.

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The Holland Family Saga Part One: They Don’t Mind Dying


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Literary Spotlight: Meet Tanisha Webb, Book Club 101 University

The Ultimate Book Club Experience

How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book ClubImage

Create the Book Club That You Want With the Information That You Need! 
The Ultimate Book Club Experience: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book Club is the first complete book club resource guide created to help take the ‘guess work’ out of creating and maintaining a book club. 

The Ultimate Book Club Experience is designed to prepare future book club presidents as they go through the process of creating a book club including: how to recruit members; how to prepare for the first meet & greet; how to create bylaws; how to create an internet presence and maintain a book club.

Each chapter provides all the information you’ll need and also includes a critical thinking exercise to help you create a strategic book club plan! The Ultimate Book Club Experience also provides helpful resources to help enhance your book club experience.

Take your book club experience to the next level by learning how to coordinate literary events; create your own book review standards; sponsor or volunteer for community service and more.

The Ultimate Book Club Experience: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book Club just made creating & maintaining a book club so much easier!

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About The Author

ImageTaNisha Webb is the president of the KC Girlfriends Book Club, which is a book club based in the Kansas City, MO metro area.  The KC Girlfriends Book Club was established in 2002.  In 2003, TaNisha helped rebuild the KC Girlfriends Book Club after the book club fell to only two members.   Since then the book club has been thriving and has become a great asset to the Kansas City community by sponsoring book signings, literary events and community service.  Prior to moving to the Kansas City area, TaNisha was the co-founder of the Black Expressions Book Club in Wichita, KS, which is where she was born and raised.

In 2008 and 2010, the KC Girlfriends Book Club was recognized for their community service efforts by receiving the National Book Club Conference Community Service Award.  TaNisha has also moderated the “Maximizing Your Book Club Experience” panel discussion for the past three years at the National Book Club Conference  in Atlanta, GA.  TaNisha Webb is also the creator and host of the KC Girlfriends Book Club Radio Show, which was one of the first location based book clubs to host their own online radio shows.    TaNisha is well known in the literary community all over the country for her undying support for authors, book clubs and literary resources.  TaNisha is also the founder and co-coordinator of the Fall Into Books Literary Conference, which was established in order to help readers and authors bridge the literary gap within the Midwest region.  In 2009, TaNisha co-founded THE Black Book Club Experience Social Network, which helps African American book club presidents from all over the country connect and support one another as they maintain strong book clubs.  TaNisha also launched her own line of handmade bookmarks called Bookmark It! Handcrafted Bookmarks during the same year, along with creating her own company Literary-ly Speaking Events & Services.

In 2010, TaNisha decided to push forward with supporting book clubs from around the country by assisting individuals as they move forward to create their own book clubs, along with supporting established book clubs efforts in keeping their group going strong by creating The Ultimate Book Club Experience resource website.  In late 2010, TaNisha founded Book Club 101 University, which offers quarterly eCourses, vlogs, resources and also the only online conference for book clubs called, Book Club University Online Conference.

In 2012, TaNisha created the first magazine solely for book clubs called, Book Club 101 Magazine. She released first complete book club resource guide: The Ultimate Book Club Experience: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book Club.

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Author Guest Blog: If Only You Knew by Benjamin Janey

It may not be you, yet we all have a friend or family member that has been or still in an abusive relationship. We would like to believe that it will get better for them through prayer, leaving or just having heard someone else tell their story. However, based on the increasing numbers and death tolls if we knew better, we’d do better.

The Power and Control Wheel is an outdated method still used to combat domestic violence. By explaining and repeating who, what, where and when still doesn’t explain why. Therefore, we must understand that a person cannot change their ways until they change their minds.

The first step is Prevention. We must learn how to avoid and identify a bad situation beforehand. Many of us have been in more than one abusive relationship and have heard our families and friends say, “We sure know how to pick them.” But do we really?

            How much thought is considered beforehand when choosing a mate? Are we relying too much on a physical attraction, only to find out that if we’re not relating, there’s no relationship. The million dollar question that I’d like to ask is:


Are we beginning from a position of strength or weakness?

This is a series of questions that we must ask ourselves when first considering a relationship or starting over.


1. Why do we want a relationship?


2. Are we ready to give up or compromise the freedom of being single?


3. Do we have time to share our lives right now or do we already find ourselves with not enough hours in a day?


4. Are we allowing sexual/physical attraction to outweigh logical reasoning when choosing a mate?


5. Are we confusing a bed mate with a soul mate?


6. Do we have realistic goals that we haven’t met yet? Such as: our own place to live, a car, and employment?


7. Are we willing to share our place, car, and pay check just for the sake of saying that you have a man or woman?


8. Do we inspect what we expect?


a. Can he/she read?


b. Who’s their family and friends?


c. Do they have a place, a car and visible employment?


d. Would we accept a weed smoker, drinker or casual drug user?


9. Do they belong to a church, temple, synagogue, or even have a religion?


10. Has either of us been tested for HIV/AIDS?


11. Or will it be: because we’re lonely, horny and they look good, we’ll just “hope” things work out?

benandreaderAbout The Author

He is a self-taught author who’s defied all odds. With humble beginnings, BEN wrote Op-Ed’s and have appeared in The Hartford Courant, The Register Citizen, and The Litchfield Inquirer, just to name a few. As time progressed, Benjamin worked full time as a newspaper reporter for The Hartford Inquirer Newspaper Group. Shortly after he was awarded his own column called Generation X, Keeping It Real.

Ben is stepping out of the box, refusing to be just an urban novel author. His sophomore book, Domestic Violence-The Cure© is something the entire country must anticipate. He’s presenting Prevention, Intervention, and Redemption like never before…

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