Real vs Fake: The Quest To Find True Supporters

The difference between a real supporter and a fake supporter is sort of like a thin line between love and hate.


You see, a real supporter has that ride or die relationship between reader and author. The reader is comfortable with your work and anticipates the very best from you. Every dollar they’ve spent with you throughout your career was because they have felt satisfied with your projects. If you’re a real writer, the real supporter looks forward to your growth as well. The reader knows your worth, understanding that it takes money to produce the books they love to read. They don’t mind spending somewhere in between $15.00 to $12.00 for a good old school paperback book. These new school eBooks have changed the game totally. We’ll get to that in a minute.

A fake supporter is the one that reads your book, but won’t buy your book. They will borrow your book and in some cases even steal your work. Don’t get it twisted. It’s not like they don’t read, enjoy, and maybe even have your books. However, they don’t give a damn about your life nor you having to eat and provide for your family. They suck the life out you. They’re enjoying your hard work, sucking it up for free; like a deadbeat in a relationship reaping the benefits. They may give your books praise to others, so sometimes it’s not all for nothing. All customers aren’t true supporters, but they beat a fake supporter any day of the week.

So, with the eBook, this new phenomenon allows authors a chance to get their titles tucked away in Kindle and other electronic reading devices. Publishers cut cost on shipping, handling, paper, and space in a readers’ home. Now let’s not jump for joy just yet. An eBook can end up in an eReader or app, collecting dust like the books that never made it on or off the shelf that a dime wasn’t spent on, nor read by anyone. The words, your time and the investment went into foreclosure like a home with no one to help foot the bills that come every month. You do this for FREE a lot of times during promotions and the probability of landing in a fake supporter’s kindle is high. But, let’s hope it’s 50/50 per download. The fake supporter just downloads your work because it’s free. Many times they forget about it. Then, eventually delete it down the road for other free downloads. Just when you thought you had a shot at a true supporter, you bombed out.

Now don’t get it twisted, true supporters will download your book for free, read it when they get to it, and leave a review to help in any way they can because they are still ride or die. Yet, who doesn’t like free stuff every now and then?

So, I think I gave a clear understanding of the difference between the two types of supporters in laymen terms. Now, let’s run numbers: 100 real VS 1000 fake supporters. Women lie and men lie. Nevertheless, the numbers don’t lie. One hundred real supporters, that you’ve proven yourself to, will buy your book at list price. For the sake of argument, let’s say: the time it takes for the author to create, plus pay for covers, editors, proofreaders, etc to get it to the reader is worth $5. Yeah, it costs way more to go see Lil Boosie, but this isn’t rap; it’s literature. Its value and worth are to be determined by author to avid reader relationship. So at $5 your worth to your true supporters is $500. That’s a pat on the back, good job and I hope you at least recouped your money back you spent in the production of your work.

Now, this is where even a fake supporter can come in handy at. They will sit around and wait until you reduce your title to $.99 to buy it. It’s no secret as to how much money one $.99 sale from Amazon yields. But if it is, it’s a whopping $.34 (The crowd goes wild).

Still, don’t sleep on those 1000 fakes that will spend money on you and make you an extra $340 on top of the $500 you got from your real supporters, making you $840 overall. Yeah, these numbers are low. But, it’s a hustle, grind, and a big social media to increase your true supporter to fake supporter ratio.

Every reader is worth more than the money they spend. Their word of mouth is what helps you move more units. So, as an author, continue to do your job to ensure you get readers to tell their friends about you. True supporters share links, leave reviews, and do anything they can to help their favorite authors grow. Fake supporters, not so much because they keep their thoughts about your books to themselves; that doesn’t say they don’t have or read and enjoyed your books….

So as a reader, which reader are you? Are you a real supporter or fake supporter? Me personally, I appreciate you both.

Leave your comments below.

Mike O was born and raised on the streets of Winston-Salem, NC. His whole young life was spent making the wrong choices and following a path that is all too familiar that he resurrects in his debut novel “1000 Grams” in hopes of his testimony to reach a young soul lost to help them find their way back. This gritty street tale will you take you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mike O’s past. Since his first release, he went on to pen a short story trilogy entitled “Fakebook Chronicles” Vol.1, 2, and 3. Recently signing on with DC Bookdiva Publications, he plans to keep the heat coming, so be on the lookout for more titles by this new author!

Check out his books

Smokin Mirrors

The Tweet Files

Fakebook Chronicles


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