Walk the Walk

By: Godfather Wesley Hunter


Many talk that talk, but, don’t walk the walk they claim. We can sit and SAY we “support each other” or that we “encourage positiveness, growth and change” but, truth is, many of us are merely impressed with hearing our own words, while actually taking no action to offer such support.

Meet Nathan Welch, an author from Washington DC who’s currently incarcerated in a West Virginia prison. Nathan is the exceptionally talented writer  behind the wall. His novels include,   A KILLER’Z AMBITION 1 and 2, the ebook short WRONG MOVE,  CONVICT’S CLIQUE and his latest salacious masterpiece DRUNK IN LOVE.  Nathan has major skills. But, in the modern social media based gang-like mentality of ‘I only support this squad or that crew’ a guy like Nathan has no voice. And, so,  many have overlooked him.


 I look at Nathan and I say: here is a man who’s been in prison since 1996. Who spends his time, amidst the chaos, sitting to give himself hope and chance. Who, instead of throwing himself into the dark madness of prison politics or getting trapped within the many negative sub-cultures which exist within the prison, continues to fight to do positive, in hopes that people might finally one day notice as he reaches with his HAND OUT FOR A HAND UP, all the while drowning within his conditions.
Go ahead, meet my brother Nathan Welch, buy his book and leave a review. Help him out. That’s all he asks of you. Let’s SHOW that we care and that doing right DOES make a difference. How about it? Where you at? You walking or talking? Come on, say it: “I got him”. Now walk it out.
Godfather: How long have you been in prison and how much longer do you have?
Nathan: I’ve been in prison for 18 years and i still have a little ways to go before I get my freedom…
Godfather: How long have you been writing?
Nathan:  I’ve been writing since 2003.
Godfather: What made you first start writing?
Nathan: When I got locked down in the hole and read True to The Game by Teri Woods and B-More Careful By Shannon Holmes… After reading them joints, I was like I put it down like them, so I took off with the pen and haven’t stop writing since.
Godfather: How many books have you written?
Nathan: I have written close to 25 books, but I gave a few of them away to guys going home, trying to get them to hustle legit, but nothing ever came from my contributions to their going home aspirations… as of now I think I have about 13 books in the cut just waiting to be published.
Godfather: When was your first book published?
Nathan: My first book, A Killer’z Ambition was published in 2011, the greatest day of my life in prison… I felt like I really accomplished something.
Godfather: Did you find it hard to get your foot in the door, while being in prison?
Nathan: Yes getting in the door was very hard, especially being incarcerated… reason being, most publishers don’t want to take ca chance on guys that can be out there in the physical to promote their books… but every time I got rejected, i just used it as motivation to keep on pushing… my mindset was like someone is eventually going to discover this diamond in the rough, and it was The DC Bookdiva who pulled me up and gave me an avenue to do what I love doing and I’m forever grateful to her for that.
Godfather:   Do you have any outside support?
Nathan: The only outside support I have is my sister and my mother… far as the promotions goes, I only have DcBookdiva and her promotional team putting in that work for me.
Godfather: What do you find the hardest about trying to get your name and books out there in this current market?
Nathan: It’s very hard with all the ebooks invasion, and everything is being promoted on social media and with me being in prison, it’s like i’m in a dinosaur age with this promotions.
Godfather: What are you currently working on?
Nathan:  I’m currently working on a book entitled: Window of Opportunity and just finished up a Book called Country Girl, which I was told is Fiyah!!!
Godfather: Make a pitch to the readers. I know you hardly get a chance to self-promote so, tell the readers why they should support you. Let them hear your voice.
Nathan:  I want all the readers of the urban genre to check out My work and see for yourself what u have been missing out on… I’m not conceited by a long shot, but the work will speak for itself, once read one, u never be done until u get a fix of all of Nathan Welch’s Epidemics… I also need the support so I can pay my legal bills and support myself in here.
Godfather: Where can your books be found?

Nathan: All my books can be found on Dc.BookDiva.com and Amazon.Com and wherever else urban books are sold.



Check out other books by Nathan Welch.

Convict’s Clique

A Killer’z Ambition

A Killer’z Ambition 2

Wrong Move

Drunk In Love


GODFATHER Wesley Hunter is an incarcerated author from Los Angeles, Ca. He has  written several books covering a variety of genres, to include self-help/how-to/advisory, autobiography, poetry, urban romance, erotica and street lit. Godfather has even taught urban lit during his many years of incarceration. He makes an added effort to lace his writings with history, social-political consciousness and other such pearls of wisdom while penning  in a style which many have compared to the likes of James Patterson, John Grisham and Michhael Connelly

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