Who Is Treasure E. Blue?

Treasure Blue

1.Many assume they know the author based on the book. Yet, tell us who is Treasure Blue, the person?
A: That is a kind of/sort of correct answer because my writing is a reflection of me. I came to the conclusion years ago, we talking as far back as 30 years, before I even knew or wanted to become a writer, that I can only write what I know, what’s inside me. I give it up, even if it’s dark secrets. I’m not ashamed

2.What and who inspired you to become an author?
A: What inspired me I’ve said it many times in the past, my love for words and a need to regurgitate toxic pain and anger from within.

3.How difficult was it for you to enter the literary field?
A: It was actually a natural progression. I was a screenwriter prior to writing novels, and won several awards in the process. Even in college, I won essayist of the month and things like that. My gift goes way back, plus the fact that I was a lover of books. Had to be, my mother was a school teacher. LOL.

4.Is it what you expected?
A: When you write for the love and for the craft, there are NEVER any downsides to it. It is only when authors write for other motives such as fame or future will they always be disappointed. I just wanted people to read my work; everything else was a plus and a gift.

5.Where do you get your story ideas from and what’s the process?
A: I always have and feel I always will continue to genesis all stories from what I know and build on that. I have a great imagination and think during the process the “WHAT IF THIS HAPPENED” and kick around different mind blowing ideas, with the readers in mind, that they would NEVER see coming. That’s the art of storytelling.

6.In 3 years, where do you see yourself at?
A: Writing….. Period! Whatever beyond that is going to be, I don’t force anything. So when any other grand opportunity comes along, I’m prepared.

7. What type of music do you listen to?
A: Majority of the time 90’s music. That seems to be my theme. I still play my 60’s 70’s & 80’s jams. That’s just me.

8. Where are you from?
A: Harlem Stand Up!

9. As a professional, you have to put your personal views and feelings to the side for the sake of business?
A: I’m not that type to be controlled in my opinion of views…I’m a artist first for Christ sakes. We are supposed to voice our pure and unadulterated feelings, right or wrong. I have little need to be politically correct.

10. What genres do you write in and do you have ambitions to dabble in other ones?
A: I don’t fancy that term genre too much, but Yes, I do dabble in other genres, I put out and released Urban Lit, Chick Lit, and Erotica.

11.How can we find your titles and future book signings?
A:Treasure Blue novels are everywhere, bookstores, online and in local libraries, so I’m available with little problem if you want to check me out. I probably, since the digital era, only travel about a half dozen times to events and signing.

Thanks bro.

I thank you more for giving me a minute this morning. We were up with the sun making it do what it do.

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