Show, Don’t Tell Me


Tommy, treated Dana bad, and, just talked to her any kinda way, as he forced her to fulfill his needs, using her like his servant. ……..


NO! Give it to the cameras/characters SHOW ME: ……..


“Come here, stupid,” Tommy mucked Dana upside the head. ……..

“Stop,” she cried as she always did. ……..

 “Shut up.” He grabbed her by the collar and shoved her to her knees. ……..

“Stop. You gon’ mess up my stockings.” ……..

 The two were at the door on their way to church, when, suddenly it was Tommy whom wanted to be worshipped. “Put it in your mouth,” he unzipped his pants and set himself free, “suck it.” ……..

“Boy…” ……..

He grabbed her head and parted her lips, “shut the fuck up.



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