Race in America

Here it is 2014 and, yet, race is still very much a troubling topic, a divisive topic and, dare I say, a current topic to confront. We’ve all seen it in the recent news: there’s the recorded conversations of certain politicians as well as that of a prominent owner of an NBA franchise. And, then there’s the undoing of affirmative action and the blistering decent by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a ruling which will, in turn, lead to even less young black kids being afforded the opportunity to attend college and lay a foundation for a meaningful future. Yes, we’ve all heard the stories, because those stories have been in the news. Just as we’ve all heard the stories like Trayvon Martin’s, and then got all turnt up and acted like we cared. But, do we REALLY care? queenbrownWhen confronted with such an issue, which the conventional media has not, yet, broadcast and told you what to do, think or feel; when the masses have not, yet, become outraged; When John Quinones has not, yet, asked WHAT WOULD YOU DO, what are you doing, saying or feeling then? Or do we only move, say or feel anything once the masses have decided it should be so? Silly question? You’d still do the same? It’s just in you to confront racism no matter where u find it? Um. Well, then, maybe you haven’t heard of Author-Queen Brown and what she’s been made to confront?

Author-Queen Brown is the author of, ABDUCTED, the dark tale of a teenage girl kidnapped, caged, beaten, starved, brain-washed and trained to be a viscious villian. The cast of characters in ABDUCTED happen to be white and there are some saying that, as a black woman, Queen Brown should stick to writing about her own people. They say this, as if a black woman should not be afforded the liberties of Free Speech and Freedom of self expression as protected under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They say this, as if it is okay, in 2014, to try and “contain” a black woman to “her place”. Are you out-raged yet?

Queen Brown is a beautiful 30-something year old woman, from Southern California, who’s  lived amongst and dealt with various other race groups daily. She did not write this book to be controversial and, in fact, never even took into account that others might in any way be offended. Queen Brown was merely telling a tale to be entertaining and enlightening. But, should she have been more mindful of the plot and how it might offend? Should she have used an all black cast of characters? When speaking of whites, should she only speak of them in good graces and not speak ill of their actions? Does it matter that, most times, when abductions occur they actually do involve white offenders who kidnap people and keep them captive? Does it matter that to draw on this reality, Queen Brown, in turn, utilized this fact? Does it matter to anyone, that here it is 2014 and that, even with a black man as sitting President, we, as a people, are still being reminded to stay in our place?

Still not out-raged? Yeah, well, I sure as Hell am. As soon as I heard it, I bought part 1 and I went and left a positive review, to help counteract any potential negatives. After all, we must REWARD the behaviors we intend to encourage, (as Dr.Phil would say), and I intend to encourage this young woman to stand firm, with her shoulders squared, as she takes on the weight of such adversity. I bought the book and I left a review. And, so, I ask, JUST WHAT ARE YOU GON’ DO?

Please, take a moment to meet Queen Brown and find out more about this talented, multi-dimentional, power house, West Coast author.


Godfather: How long have you been writing?

Queen:  For a long time. I started with poetry and song lyrics when I was a teen, but I didn’t publish my first fiction book until May of 2012.

Godfather: What inspired you to write?

Queen:  Life and a close friend of mines who encouraged me to write, because I had so many stories to tell him whenever he came over to visit.

Godfather: How many books have you written and what are the titles?

Queen:  I have written a total of eight books and one collab with Aleta Williams. The titles are, The Darker The Berry The Deeper The Roots parts 1
& 2, Adia (love lies and murder), Number One Fan parts 1- 3, Abducted parts 1& 2, and the collaboration, Hell no… This can’t be love.

Godfather: Who are you signed with?

Queen: I am signed with Alana’s Book Line.

Godfather: What was the inspiration behind the plot in Abducted?

Queen: Well, I always like to come with fresh ideas in an attempt to surprise the readers. The inspiration behind the plot was after I lectured my daughter on how people are abducting children everyday and how she needs to stay close to me. I thought about that and added a twist and Abducted was created.

Godfather: You grew up around various races, right? And, you don’t consider yourself to be a racist, do you? Talk about that.

Queen:   Yes, I grew up around multiple cultures. I am accepting of any and every culture. There isn’t a hateful bone in my body. I’ve always been that way.

Godfather: Did you ever think that the content of your story might be deemed controversial?

Queen: Controversial? No, not at all. I just wrote an interesting thriller with a twist. I write in all genres in the hopes of entertaining the avid
reader.  Plain and simple.

Godfather: When you came to me, you didn’t want to confront the issue or make any waves, what are your feelings now?

Queen: I came to you to express my confusion about the issue that I no longer felt was relevant in this day and time. I still feel the same way, I am NOT
trying make any waves. I just needed some words of encouragement from you, because you seem to be a very intelligent guy.

Godfather: Do you regret having written the story?

Queen: Not at all, it’s a good story.

Godfather: When did part two of Abducted drop and will there be a part three?

Queen:  Abducted part 2 was released, April 19th of this year, 2014. There will not be a part 3.

Godfather: You have any advice for new authors looking to get in the game?

Queen: My advice is to have thick skin, faith in your work, an open mind, and do plenty of research. Ask plenty of questions. There are a lot of helpful
authors out there who don’t mind answering a few of them for you. Always try your best to produce a good book, write from your heart, protect your brand at all times and remain humble.

Godfather: Anything new coming out, besides Abducted? What’s next for Queen-Brown?

Queen:   My next release for 2014 will be Adia part 2, an urban thriller. And a possible stand alone that I don’t want to give the title for yet.

Godfather: Where all can your books be found?

Queen: My books can be found on Amazon.com

Godfather:  Any last thoughts or comments?

Queen: I just want to say thank you, Wesley Hunter for this interview and being such a cool guy. Thank you to my supporters, new and old for all of
the love that you’ve shown me. I will continue to write books for as long as the Most High grants me the talent to do so.

Godfather: How can you be reached?

Queen:  I can be reached at http://authorqueenbrown.wix.com/queenbrown



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