Remember, the narrative is the authors voice and you should try to be invisible because you, rightly, have no voice. So, get to the dialogue and give it to the characters. I like to use the Grey’s Anatomy example: notice, when the show starts, the scene is set with a brief narrative and ,then, it’s right to the action.


Martha never could stand Patrice and, when given the chance, she made good on the hatred she felt in her heart, in a way poor Patrice, of course, never could’ve imagined. After all, it had been years, but, then, how does it go? Oh, yeah: revenge is best served cold.

 “Oh, hi,” Martha exaggerated as she spoke, “I haven’t seen you in ages.”

 “Martha, is that you?” Patrice turned, leaned forward and kissed the shorter, chubby, girl on the cheek. “It has been ages, hasn’t it?”

 “Yes it has. Yes it has.” She smiled with just the faintest hint of a sneer. Not that Patrice noticed. “But, it seems like just yesterday doesn’t it?”

“Well, maybe for some,” Patrice kinda smirked as she shook her head, “for me, it was so long ago, it seems like a-whole-nother life time.”

“Oh, does it?” She was trying not to raise a brow and hoped Patrice wasn’t the wisest. “Oh, wow. Well, time is the great equalizer isn’t it?”

“Excuse me?” Patrice had an eyebrow raised now.

“Oh, nothing’,” Martha hurriedly said, “just something I’ve heard somewhere.” She waved it off. “So, how is Jordy?”

“You mean Jordan?” She corrected with a drip of venom. “Jordan is fine.”

“Oh, good. Be sure and tell him, I said hello.” And with that, Martha made her exit.

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