Taking Back Control Of Our Image

“If we don’t own the content we create, we don’t truly control anything. If we don’t control anything, how can we dictate how we are perceived in the media? Media is mind control personified. And we’re going to make some changes in how our image is presented. Believe that!”

-Randall Barnes

Does anybody else get tired of black folks finding any and everything to complain about? Listening to some of the fellow members of our community, you’d think that we were two steps from being extinct. According to our resident self-haters, black folks aren’t doing anything to improve our condition. Then, the people that actually are trying to put some things together are race hustlers and sell-outs. If the project they’ve created really blows up, the producers of today’s black society have “sold their soul to the 2940149520152_p0_v1_s260x420devil” and become a card carrying member of the Illuminati. You just can’t make some people happy!

The independent black media scene is popping. Let’s put that on record once and for all. People tend to make the mistake of thinking that the mediums of radio and television are the only branches of media influence. In fact, there are five key other key areas that are constantly left out of the conversation. The different subsections of media consist of:

  • T.V.
  • Movies
  • Radio
  • Music
  • Magazines/Blogs/Newspapers
  • Literature
  • Social Media

Control of these seven different sectors of the mass media means that we would officially have a monopoly on the global image of black people. Yeah, the corporate powerhouses such as Viacom do have a wide realm of influence over our community and a vast amount of money and resources. However, our attention should be turned on supporting the people putting in work on our behalf instead of trying to force these corporate entities that only see us as dollar signs to represent us in a more positive light. The last time I checked, that was our job!

My philosophy on media takes me back to my days on the playground back in elementary school. Personally, I was always a rebel. I never liked to fit in with other people. I always loved being a leader and having people follow me. That thought pattern carried itself over to how I acted during recess.

I remember once when I wanted to play a game and the boys that were playing the game wouldn’t let me join in with them. Instead of sulking over the fact that I wasn’t allowed to play and finding a way to force myself in to their circle, I created my own game. I made it more interesting and innovative than theirs too. It’s safe to say that folks took notice. Man, even the boys that shut me out were following the precedent that I set!


Let’s stop trying to fit it! It’s time to take back control of our image as black people! Like stated before, there are many people going
against the grain and putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to the  topic of black media. A perfect example of this is New York Times best-selling author and relationship expert Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden Colors series.


Getting virtually no major media attention, the Hidden Colors series is one of the  most successful and critically acclaimed documentaries to date. Tariq started with a  burning passion to contemporize documented black history and bring it to a broader  audience. He then launched three successful crowd funding campaigns to get  budgeting for the movie. His phenomenal efforts for the first two installments  garnered international support. Now he’s back at it with Hidden Colors 3: The  Rules Of Racism, duetumblr_msy3bmr7jX1rctavvo1_500 out in select theaters around the nation June 26th.

He premiered the world-premiere trailer during his weekly Sunday night Ustream  show. Hidden Colors 3 features a star studded cast of individuals such as Paul  Mooney, Umar Johnson, Nas, Dick Gregory and David Banner among many others that he wasn’t able to fit into the one minute and fifty-four second teaser. This movie is going to be one of the most anticipated projects of the summer. Make sure you show your support!

For all the self-haters, agents and “Coon Train” riders, kill off the complaints and noise. If you’re not doing anything to improve our overall condition as a people, you should remain silent! We’re coming to take control of the black media landscape once and for all whether you like it or not!


The Official Hidden Colors 3: Rules Of Racism Trailer


Another independent media project by Jason Black (known as “theblackauthority” on Youtube) called 7 A.M.


DC Bookdiva Publications official website and literary blog



Check out a preview of my forthcoming Young Adult novel The Diary of Aaliyah Anderson on Wattpad!


Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Was I right or wrong on this issue? I would love to hear from you! Contact me directly at:

Email: thediaryofaaliyahanderson@gmail.com

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