Writing is an Outlet

I’m very pleased, to have had the opportunity, to interview the remarkable Ms. Rocky Rose. I’ve learned that we share something extraordinary, in that, we are both raising physically challenged young children. Every time I talk to her, I am renewed, as I feel her passion for writing and children.


Author Rocky Rose, born and raised in New Haven, CT. is the third of four children. Her parents are both ministers. Rocky’s love of writing began with her love of reading; the two going hand-in-hand. Rocky, first, thought about pursuing writing as a career, after being given a short story assignmement, by an English teacher, during her sophomore year of high school. After he read it he told her she had a great talent, but soon after that writing became a distant memory for her.

In, 2010, Rocky met Karen E. Quinones Miller. After talking to Karen, for about two hours, Rocky, then, decided to take the necessary steps to pursue a writing career. So, after attending seminars, by Karen, and other well-known authors, Rocky, started putting the pen to paper. In ,2012, Rocky’s, first work was published. I Win You Lose, was a co-authored compilation of six short stories, dealing with issues of domestic violence. In, 2013, Rocky, released her debut solo novel, My Man My Abuser, a tale loosely based on a relationship she was in, for three years, where she was physically abused. Rocky is currently working on, Stirred & Shaken, and, Bruised Never Broken,which are the two novels that come after My Man My Abuser. Rocky resides in Connecticut with her son and daughter.

Sheri: Tell me a little about yourself and your literary background?

Rocky: My love for reading and writing, I would have to attribute to my mother and my sophomore high school teacher. Every summer when school let out, I was required to read a certain amount of books and do book reports which I had to turn in to my mother. It got to the point where I would literally read a book a day, I loved it. As far as writing goes, it really all started, my sophomore year in high school, when my English teacher made us all write a short story. Needless to say, my story was one of his favorites, even with my very racy sex scenes.

Sheri: What are your goals for your writing career?

Rocky: My ultimate goal is to be a full-time, self-employed author, in the very near future. Writing is a gift God gave me and I want to use it to my full potential. I also want to be a motivational speaker; I want to be able to speak to people about my trials and tribulations, and how I have overcome them.

Sheri: What have you written?

Rocky: I have written countless short stories that have yet to be released. I have a compilation book out titled I Win You Lose, which was released in ,2012, and my solo novel, My Man My Abuser, which was released in 2013.

Sheri: What are you working on now?

Rocky: I’m currently working on a few different projects, namely Stirred & Shaken and Bruised Never Broken, which are the two novels that follow My Man My Abuser, both are set to be released early 2015. I’m also combining some of my short stories into a compilation novel, but no set date for it to be released.

Sheri: Why do you write?

Rocky: Writing started out as an outlet for me, because I never really had the type of relationship, with my parents, where I could go to them and talk to them about different things. Instead of talking to people about my problems or what I was going through, I wrote my feelings out. Then, after doing the short story assignment, my sophomore year in high school, I became hooked on writing and I haven’t put the pen down since.

Sheri: What was/is the hardest thing about writing your newest book?

Rocky: The hardest thing about writing these next two books, is rehashing the memories that I’ve been trying to block for the past six years or so. Writing these books has me reliving all of the hurt, pain and sorrow I endured.

Sheri: How do you deal with writer’s block?

Rocky: I don’t get writer’s block, I listen to music when I write, which helps me with the flow of my story.

Sheri: Shout out your editor! Who edited your book and how did you select him/her?Rocky: I have worked with two different editors, Allyson Deese and Tiffany from Tiff’s Editing Café. Allyson and I had been in talks around the time I completed I Win You Lose . She mentioned the fact that she does editing, so I went with her. For my novel, My Man My Abuser, Tiffany came highly recommended by, the brother, Treasure Blue. When someone of Treasure Blue’s status recommends you, you must be good. I am also currently working with Editor Carla Dean for another project of mine.

Sheri: Shout out your graphic designer! Who designed your book cover/s?

Rocky: I have worked with three different graphic designers, Brittani Williams, Allyson Deese and Gregory Goodwin. With all three of them, I simply told them my vision, gave them an overview of the book and allowed them to take it from there. Not one of them has disappointed.

Sheri: How do you work out being a mom and an author?

Rocky: Being a mother is my first and most important job. If I didn’t have my daughter, I, honestly, don’t think I would have a career as an author. After having her, I vowed to do any and everything I needed, to ensure she had all that she would ever want or need.

Sheri: It takes a lot to raise a disabled child. How much time do you put into writing, marketing and perfecting your craft?

Rocky: I don’t like referring to my daughter as being disabled, it just seems so negative to me. But, raising her and maintaining my career isn’t really all that hard, I think the toughest part is traveling to different writing functions and having to find a sitter or having to have someone come with me to watch her, while I attend literary events. My aunt and my sister are my biggest helpers; they watch her when I need to attend literary functions out of state. My daughter is pretty independent. Even though she is not yet walking, over the years, she has learned ways to maneuver and get around. To be 5, she’s very smart. I try to write everyday so I don’t lose my flow. For now, I am only marketing via social media, radio interviews with Blog Talk and local radio stations.

Sheri: What are your thoughts on reviews?

Rocky: I like reviews. Reviews help me to know what my readers like and dislike, so I’ll know for the next book, what I need to fine tune and work on. I respect my readers opinions, feedback and constructive criticism is great.

Sheri: In what formats are your books available? Rocky: My books are available in paperback and eBooks

Sheri: How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Rocky: I can be found on Facebook as Rocky Rose, on Instagram as authorrockyrose and Twitter @naughtyrocky85.


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Sheri Henry-Harrigan started writing at the age of twelve as an outlet for depression. In March 2012 her first project Tales of the Broken Hearted was published. Since then she has penned several titles. She started writing strictly urban fiction. Her most recent work, The Imperfect Love Series is more geared toward the romance genre. As she continues on with her writing career, she plans to move into the crime fiction and thriller genres. Besides writing she is pursing her other passion of becoming a lawyer. Sheri lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.

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