More Money For Authors

It all started with the frustration of being an author who received a bad review, and having no way to reply to the person who’d left it. That was the moment that, Tanisha Williams, was pushed into her destiny, as she, first, identified the problem, then set out to solve it. And, therein the idea for Chat eBooks was born.

Chat eBooks is a brand new author-friendly platform, which could well give the mammoth Amazon a run for its money. More money for authors, more interaction for readers, with added features created for a much more personal experience. Oh, and, did I mention more money for authors?

Chat eBooks was built based on the concept that authors want to make a living and not be robbed. That, instead of paying a hefty percentage off of each and every book sold, authors would benefit more by simply paying a low annual fee and having their book posted for a full year, with 100% of sells procedes going directly to the author/publisher on the very same day as the purchase, via paypal. This, of course, would do away with the random returns to Amazon, and mean that readers would have to make a choice based on the sneak peak alone. Or, of course, if a reader still feels a bit unsure and they desire the return option, they could simply swich over to Amazon to make that purchase.    chatebook1 copy

Chat eBooks will be an equal playing field, not given to Amazon rules, tricks and loop holes. Of course, authors/publishers could still list their books on Amazon as well, Chat eBooks would simply be an additional platform to utilize with a greater financial benefit to authors/publishers.

Chat eBooks is an awesome idea, but, in order for it to work, the author/publisher community must stand up and show support. We must get the word out to other author/publishers and call on our readers to make use of this site, to make purchases, getting them to understand that, by doing so, more of the earnings will go directly into the hands of the author/publisher they intend to support.

Are you ready to break away from the norm? Has earning a living off of ebook sells been a challenge for you? Are you ready to start making some money? I am super excited about the future of this wonderful venture and, so I definitely had to reach out to find out more. Here’s what I learned, straight from Tanisha Williams herself:

1. What inspired the idea for Chat ebooks?

The idea for Chatebooks was inspired by several factors: (1) My love for self-help motivational books and the desire to “chat” about them with others; (2) Wanting to respond to comments left by individuals who have read my ebook, or connect with readers to answer questions regarding the book’s content; and (3) My desire to receive a higher percentage of my book revenues and to have immediate access to funds once a purchase has been made.


2. What all features will the Chat ebooks site include?

The website is currently under development, and I’m still in the process of getting feedback from authors; therefore, the final features are still being determined. However, here are some of the basic features:


Authors will enjoy the benefits of: (1) Having complete control over the pricing and distribution of their books;

(2) Keeping 100% of their book revenues; (3) Having immediate access to the money generated from book

sales; (4) Selling more books through social media circle marketing; and (5) Communicating and developing relationships with their readers.

Readers will have the ability to: (1) Purchase e-books in a variety of formats and either download them to a device or read them directly from the website; (2) Connect and interact with e-book authors; (3) Join or start hot topic and/or chapter discussions with authors and fellow readers; (4) Accumulate their own library of purchased books; and (5) Invite family and friends to join their chat groups/discussions.


3. What will the annual fee to authors be?

The annual fee has not yet been determined. As with the features, I’m still collecting input from Authors. I can tell you that the fee will be very minimal and feasible for all Authors, including those selling their books for $.99.


4. Will there be any membership fees/costs for the reader/buyer?

Membership for readers/buyers is free.


5. How has the reaction been to your idea, so far? 6. what positives are you hearing?

I’ve been getting excellent feedback from those who have taken the survey. I’ve received comments such as”Congratulations for thinking outside of the box”, “This could be better than Goodreads”, and “I love this idea and I can’t wait for the site to launch”¼.just to name a few.


7. What negatives?

Of course there have been negative comments too, though I try not to dwell on them much. I think anyone trying something new or different receives their fair share of naysayers. The main comment I’ve heard is “I don’t think it’s going to work”. My response: Like any start-up business or aspiring Author, this website is being built on a Dream to accomplish my goals and aspirations¼ Idea that can help others in their own personal endeavors¼..the Courage to step out of my comfort zone and put my ideas in action¼.and a Prayer that it all works out!


8. How long have you been working on Chat eBooks? And when do you expect for it to go live?

I started working on ChatEbooks in May 2014 and I expect to go live in August.


9. How can authors help?

Authors can help by completing this short survey about the features on ChatEbooks: The information gathered will help me in developing the final functions, terms and conditions for the site.

Also, spread the word by sharing the link/posting on their fb page/group!


10. Is there anything that readers can do or any input you hope to get from them at this point?

I plan on launching a campaign next month to attract reader participation on launch day. I want to have giveaways like e-books and e-readers.


11. Will Chat ebooks have a hyper-link/one click element to take buyers straight from Facebook to Chat

ebooks to make a purchase?

Yes. Authors will be able to post the link on their facebook page allowing readers to click and be directed to ChatEbooks.


12. Will there be a link element for twitter or any of the other social networking sites?

Yes. ChatEbooks will have social media integrations so that postings/comments/likes will show up on a reader’s respective website feeds (twitter, facebook, etc.)


13. Explain the steps that a reader/buyer will have to take in order to make a purchase?

Readers will browse ebooks from a variety of categories, and they’ll be able to add their book(s) of choice to their shopping cart. Once they are ready for check-out, they will be directed to their PayPal account to make the purchase.


14. Many authors complain about the lax return policies on Amazon. Will Chat ebooks accept

returns, and, if so, what will the return process be?

No. ChatEbooks will not have the capability of removing an ebook from someone’s device once they’ve purchased it (as with Amazon’s kindle); therefore, we will not process any returns.


15. Book trailers. What are your thoughts on maybe having book trailers right next to the reviews. Offering

potential buyers yet one more resource to consult before making a purchase?

I think it’s an excellent idea. I’d like to get more feedback from other authors to see if this would be beneficial

prior to investing the additional coding fees.


16. Features and recommendations. Will Chat eBooks offer any special book


ChatEbooks will have a “feature” section on the site for authors who would like to participate.


17. Minimum/base price set by pg count. Will you set minimums (say 5.00 and up for 300 pg.s) or will you

basically leave it wide open like Amazon?

I’m going to allow authors to set their own price. I’ve read great books that range from $.99 to $19.99 so I don’t want to exclude anyone.


18. Reviews. Will anybody be able to leave a review or only those who’ve purchased the book on the Chat

eBooks site?

All members of ChatEbooks can leave a review or join chat discussions regardless of where they’ve purchased the book.


19. Audio and paperbacks. Will readers be able to purchase these items through the site as well? No. Only e-books will be available for purchase on the site.


20. News features/blogs. Will the site offer anything along those lines?



21. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for allowing me this platform to inform others about ChatEbooks. I’m looking forward to a successful launch!


22. How can you be reached?

I can be reached at



Wesley “Godfather” Hunter

“GODFATHER” Hunter is an incarcerated author from Los Angeles, Ca. He has  written several books covering a variety of genres, to include self-help/how-to/advisory, autobiography, poetry, urban romance, erotica and street lit. Godfather has even taught urban lit during his many years of incarceration. He makes an added effort to lace his writings with history, social-political consciousness and other such pearls of wisdom while penning  in a style which many have compared to the likes of James Patterson, John Grisham and Michael Connelly.




One thought on “More Money For Authors”

  1. The annual fee for authors is going to be your big sticking point with this. Most authors are poor as dirt, and can’t afford to pay an annual fee to a publishing site when they can publish on other sites for free.

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