Talking Just To Be Talking

Many people run their mouths and don’t mean half the shit they say. And then there are those like K Sherrie.

This interview is a special one to me. When I first became acquainted with K Sherrie she was an aspiring author. We met in a Facebook group called Sisters into reading/Reviewing Book club where she is an administrator. Upon meeting, K Sherrie expressed interest in joining my Facebook group for Aspiring Authors. I added her to the group and she asked questions and participated in discussions. After talking to her, and assisting her with anything that I could, she has now accomplished her goal of publishing her first book.


K Sherrie is now working on Queen of DC: The Middle which is due out on Sept. 20th. While also working on a project titled Some People Were Made For Each Other. I am indeed so proud of this young lady for all of her hard work and diligence. It’s my pleasure to be able to present to others this great new author. Meet KSherrie.

Sheri: What have you written?
K Sherrie: I released my first book Queen of DC on June 24th of this year. I also have a somewhat weekly blog titled Journey Into My Mind where I just share my thoughts on everything via my website and Facebook page.

Sheri: What are you working on now?
KSherrie: I’m currently working on part 2 of the Queen of DC Trilogy and part 1 of Some People Were Made For Each Other.

Sheri: Do you write full-time or part-time
K Sherrie: Part-Time.  I’m patiently waiting for the day that I am able to write full -time, but until that day comes……I gotta make the doughnuts

Sheri: Where does your ideas come from?
K Sherrie: Life. I take stories or scenarios that I have witnessed or been apart of and use them as my starting point, and from there I let my vivid imagination take flight.

Sheri: How do you deal with writer’s block?
K Sherrie: I disengage.  I will completely remove myself from a project for a week or so. I stop reading and just try to relax and enjoy life.  Once I feel enough time has passed, I revisit the project.

Sheri: Do you read much?  who are your favorite authors ?
KSherrie: A LOT.  I try to commit myself to at least 1 book per week, Sometimes I find myself reading more. My favorites are Jason Poole, Sa’id Salaam, T Styles, Mike O, Eric Jerome Dickey, and of course MYSELF.

Sheri: What book/s are you reading at present?
K Sherrie: I just wrapped up Devil in the Pulpit by K Marquelle…. and I’m getting ready to dive back into Facebook Chronicles series by Mike O since the final chapter is now out.

Sheri: Shout out your editor! Who edited your book and how did you select him/her?
K Sherrie: My editor is a close friend of mine name JP. She wants to get into the world of editing and asked me to take a chance on her and I did.  We are jumping off the porch together with this one.

Sheri: Shout out your graphic designer!Who designed your book cover/s?
K Sherrie: Gabrielle Prendenhaust. I came across her work via a post on FB, sent her an email and things took off from there.

Sheri: What are your thoughts on reviews?
K Sherrie: I think HONEST reviews are important. I’ve just put out my first book and I NEED honest reviews.  I don’t feel I, or any other author, can truly grow as a writer, if people only tell us what we want to hear, or hold back true feelings because of what the outcome could be. I want reviews and I want them honest. If you love my work tell me so and WHY. If you hate it, tell me so and WHY.

Sheri: How can readers discover more about you and you work?
K Sherrie: I’m on Facebook what feels like 24 hours a day. You can catch up with me via my promo page at Or hanging out in my favorite facebook group “Sisters into reading/reviewing bookclub” I recently joined twitter…still getting used to it so bare with me. @KSherrie2014 is my Twitter name. My email is


Purchase her latest release, Queen of DC now!

Sheri Harrigan started writing at the age of twelve, as an outlet for depression. In March 2012 her first project Tales of the Broken Hearted was published. Since then she has penned several titles. She started writing strictly urban fiction. Her most recent work, The Imperfect Love Series is more geared toward the romance genre. As she continues on with her writing career, she plans to move into the crime fiction and thriller genres. Besides writing, she is pursing her other passion of obtaining her Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing . Sheri lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.

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