Written by: Wesley “Godfather” Hunter


A man can only teach what he himself has learned.


In this thing we call a ‘book game’ different people make it/succeed for varying reasons. To be clear, not all great writers achieve great notoriety or pools of riches, and not all poor writers flop like the dead-weight tomb they drop. Some succeed on popularity and their charismatic ability to draw a crowd (like the guy/girl in school just popular and adored for no identifiable reason) and their writing may be totally sub-par, others may succeed on the basis of hard work and dedication: they probe, they learn, they watch, they wait, they push and get that boulder up the hill, slowly but surely, until others take notice and lend a hand. They earn their way and they pay their dues. And, finally, at the very end of the chain, there’s talent; that one who can write their ass off and, truth is, they may or may not succeed, if they don’t get up and do the work, increase their popularity and try to become all three. For, talent alone is not enough, and even the best book ever written will go unread if no one ever knows it exists. And, this is what Silk White intrinsically understood.


Silk White is a young 30ish CEO who’s building his own company, and gathering the all important distribution he needs to succeed. Not just another eBook CEO with a Fb profile, Amazon/CreateSpace account and a charming smile, this diverse author of 13 books went after it because he wanted it. He never let anything stand in his way,and when he faced a brick wall, he sought a way to get over it. He found a rope and he climbed.

A New York native, Silk White, now heads his company Good 2 Go Publishing. He’s picked up 4 other authors (a line-up which includes a children’s book, a Christian book and a horror story) and he’s just finished working on his 2nd indie film called No Way Out. So, is Silk White making it? Is he a success? Well, I’d say he’s well on his way, because, in order to succeed he well understood that he, first, had to be a student of the game, but, like he told me, he’s still learning everyday and still reaching out to network in order to share and exchange the hows and whys of this constantly evolving game. Because, no one starts at the top, and to know it all is to crash and burn, as we simply can not learn that which we feel we already know.

So, let’s hear it from, Silk White, CEO and avid student of the game.


Godfather: 13 books in the game. Talk about them. What are the titles and when did they come out?

Silk White: Married to da streets
Tears of a hustler 1-5
The Teflon Queen 1-3
Never Be The Same
The serial cheater
Sweet Pea’s Tough Choices (children’s book)

Godfather: I know you’ve had some legal troubles. Talk about that?

Silk White: I got caught with a gun and drugs in 2003 and did two years.

Godfather: I’ve seen a few comments from readers who talk highly about your books. What sets your books apart?

Silk White: Basically, what I try to do is not the same ole same ole drug dealer story. I add a lot of other things in my books, I do it in a way that the reader won’t get bored.

Godfather: Were you self-published from the beginning? How much did you spend? What were your initial challenges? Tell us about your journey?

Silk White: Yes, I have been. It has been a rough and expensive journey all the leg work I had to do myself. All the different states I went to, I had to pay for it myself. I don’t even know how much I spent in the last seven years but it’s a lot .


Godfather: Is the book game easier or harder than you expected?

Silk White: No. It’s just like any other business, you are going to get out what you put in.


Godfather: Marketing. What are some of the marketing tricks you’ve learned along the way? What’s worked? What hasn’t?

Silk White: I’ve spent so much money In marketing, it’s not even funny. A lot of marketing tricks have helped me, and a lot of others haven’t. What will work for one person, won’t necessarily work for you. So you just have to go with what works best for you.


Godfather: Ebooks. Have they been profitable to you or do you find selling ebooks to be a challenge and, if so, why?

Silk White: I think that ebooks are a wonderful thing, it makes it easier and quicker for the author to get their work out there. The only problem with ebooks is that anyone can now upload a book and say that they’re an author. People who don’t have love for the craft but just looking to make a quick dollar.


Godfather: Distribution is a pretty big deal. It’s the holy grail to success in this industry. So, how did you obtain distribution and how would you advise others to go about it? Are there any short cuts or tips?

Silk White: For years I was trying to find a distributor to distribute my work, and repeatedly, I had door after door slammed in my face. I kept on doing my thing and a distribution company heard about the noise I was making and found me.


Godfather:  Social media. What social media sites do you find to be most beneficial/profitable?

Silk White: Social media is good, as long as you use it for what it’s for. I think it’s a good way to connect with readers that you may not ever be able to come in contact with.


Godfather: Tell us about Good 2 Go Publishing. How big is it? Are you looking to expand? What sort of materials are you looking for?

Silk White: I am currently taking submissions and yes I am trying to expand the company. All genres are accepted.


Godfather:  Expectations. A lot of us come out of the gate believing, ok I wrote a book, now it’s time to get rich. What do you say to them?

Silk White: I would tell a new author to not expect anything. If you come into this game expecting something, and you get the opposite, you’re going to be mad. I would say just do your best at promoting yourself, and trying to become a house-hold name. And the biggest key is consistency.


Godfather: The biggest mistake you’ve made so far, and what you’ve learned from it?

Silk White: I think it was have to be giving certain people consignment, I hate having to have to ask for my money. You should never have to ask for what’s yours, but you’re going to run across some people in this business like that.


Godfather:  The top 3 things you’ve done which you feel have contributed to your success?

Silk White: 1. Never gave up
2. Never stop trying
3. Never took no for an answer


Godfather:  What advice do you give the new guy with a manuscript and a dream?

Silk White: I’ll tell a new author, to be prepared to work. Nothing comes over night. They probably see a lot of authors eating, and say they wanna eat too, but trust and believe, those same authors that you look up to, had to go through the same thing, when they started their career.

Godfather:  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Silk White: Yes. I would like to thank Godfather for this interview sorry it took me so long to get back to you.


Godfather:  How can you be reached?

Silk White:
@silkwhite (twitter)
Silkwhite212 (Instagram)

Check out Silk White’s book now available at





Wesley “Godfather” Hunter is a long time incarcerated author, who’s spent over 20 years seeking an opportunity, to get in the door and be recognized, Godfather, speaks, first hand, to the challenges which have plaqued the West Coast author in general, and the incarcerated West Coast author in particular.  <PARA >
Wesley “Godfather” Hunter is an L.A. native and author of the self-help/howto/ advisory /women’s empowerment guide EVERYTHING SHE SHOULD KNOW: What Daddy never told you and Mama never knew. As well as the autobiography TRUE BLUE: The life and times of a real and true Mafioso. Which journals his travels as a 98 Main Street Mafia Crip, begining in 1979, and takes into and through the case which finds him facing 36 counts of robbery, 2 counts of attempted murder on Deputies, a hostage situation and a 12 hr police standoff.With over 20 completed manuscripts, and having just signed with the indie-major DC Bookdiva Publications and Ben Official Books, you can expect that many more of Godfather’s titles will be coming to market soon.Having taught urban lit. classes, since in prison, added his ink to various projects, written poems and social political articles for various newspapers, etc. Godfather is no stranger to the art and craft of the pen. Author of fiction, non-fiction, self-help, howto, erotica, poetry, news articles, autobiography, as well as a frequent interviewer,  blogger and former spokesman, Godfather, is now ready to make some noise and he’s well prepared to do it.For more detail/info check out the detailed interview titled INCARCERATED SCARFACE on the all new hot spot for industry news and get to know this all around talent as he emerges from the shadows.

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