Bookstore Spotlight: Frugal Bookstore

Urban bookstores are undergoing challenging times. They need authors to place books on their shelves and to come in to do book signings. They need readers to drop in and support (instead of always running off to the big box or chain stores). These are OUR people, selling OUR books. Which helps us to make a living, telling OUR stories, OUR way. And we need to do OUR part to support them. So Dc Bookdiva Publications and has decided to do just that. We will now be bringing you a weekly profile of the independent bookstores/vendors across America. We’re doing our part, so, please do yours and contact these  locations for book signings, or simply call them up and order a book. Oh, and don’t forget to always ask about the latest DCB titles. At DC Bookdiva Publications and we are always seeking new ways to serve the literary community we love, so hit us up, if you own a bookstore/retail outlet, if you know of a store/outlet/vendor you’d like for us to spotlight, or if you’ve simply got an idea or two. We always love to hear from you, and so would your local vendor. So call them up, to let them know you’ve read their spotlight and tell them you appreciate that they are there. LET’S ALL DO OUR PART!

1. How long has your bookstore/outlet been in business?

We’ve been open since 2008.

2. Do you carry just urban books, or do you carry other genres as well?

We carry all genres including urban books, children’s, crime & mystery, cookbooks, African-American Studies, New York Times bestseller’s and the list goes on.

3. What other items do you carry besides books?

We also carry greetings cards, calendars, journals, art by local authors and planners.

4. Have you ever written a book? What brought you to the retail market?

Neither one of us has written a book, but it has always been a dream of ours to have a bookstore in our community.

5. What are the challenges for book vendors today?

The challenges have been getting people to support a Black-owned bookstore as opposed to buying on Amazon.

6. How has eBooks affected your business?

Ebooks have affected us a lot, because people like the affordability and convenience of downloading an ebook, rather than have a physical copy in their hand.
7. Author support: What actions do you need from authors, to help grow your business?

Authors should promote the bookstores which support them by carrying their titles. Shout them out on social media as much as possible, to help bring in more business.

8. Publisher support: What actions do you need from Publishers, to help grow your business?

The same as above, provide promotional material for advertisement. Encourage authors to visit and conduct book signings.

9. What are your buying/purchasing arrangements and how often do you pay out?

It varies with each publisher and author. Contact us for more detailed information.

10. Any last words to readers, authors or publishers? Any special events or announcements?

Help support black-owned bookstores by encouraging readers to patronize these establishments, because they are diminshing.

Frugal Book Store
“Changing Minds One Book At A Time”
Inside the Washington Park Mall
306 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Boston, MA 02119

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