Written by Wesley “Godfather” Hunter


I met this man in the darkest of circumstances, yet, I assure you, even then, the light of Stone Ramsey shined brightly, as you can not dim that which comes from within. Intelligent, charismatic, and keen of thought, are all words which only BEGIN to describe this brother. Author/publisher/director/manager/producer, etc. With roots stemming from the rap industry, even after 16 years of incarceration, this brother is a blossoming powerhouse of ingenuity on the move, and trust me when I tell you that if you think he can’t do it, he will definitely prove you wrong.
When I first met Stone, we were just two inmates on a prison tier. He was in the back of the tier, I was in the front. He was from Oakland, I was from L.A. We had nothing in common, but the fact that we were both trapped in a cage in segregation. Dingy lighting, stale air, trapped and controlled like a beast. Someone told me that Stone wrote books, but I’d heard it all before, and truly wasn’t that impressed. After all, I was a published author myself, so why would I be? As time went on, he heard about me, and suddenly a bond was formed.

Stone and I were two men from opposing worlds, but quickly found a commonality. After all, men respect men, steel sharpens steel, and minds detect minds. Almost instantly, Stone and I connected and began to exchange positive energy and thoughts. Our bond growing beyond a cage. Our sharing of wisdoms and resources, far beyond a bag of chips or a shot of coffee. Odd as it may seem to some, over time I would go on to count this man amongst my super-limited list of friends, and can tell you, he is one of only two dudes I continue to keep in touch with, after having met on a prison yard. But, enough about me. This is about Stone.

Author Stone Ramsey, is an Oakland native and the renowned producer of ‘International Blunt Funk’ which is the Bay Area’s version of ‘The Chronic’. Having dropped in 1997, it is a compilation album of all of the hot hiphop artists of its time, including Richie Rich, Keak Da Sneak (of 3x’s Crazy), JT The Bigga Figga, Swoop G (Of Murder Was The Case soundtrack fame), etc. After having been released, in Sept. 2013, Stone Ramsey, has been heavy in the studio, and pushing hard at dropping International Blunt Funk, Vol.2, which is now set to be released in Feb. 2015, and will include such Bay Area notables as Mistah Fab, Philthy Rich, Keak Da Sneak, Too Short, DB Da General, Lorenzo Lamar, etc. Stone has also just released his debut novel, under his own Ramsey Publishing Group. ‘Yadadamean Bay Bizness’ is a joint effort, featuring rap artist Keak Da Sneak, with a foreward by Big Tray Deee (of Da Eastsidaz). Having read the book twice, I can promise you that this is a hot, true-to-life tale of urban love, thug passion, and music industry enlightenment.
An active member of United Distribution, a youth outreach counselor, non-profit organization project coordinator, author, publisher, manager, promoter, music producer, husband, father, son and man on the move. Hell, just call him Boss! And, do know, that I am only giving you the basics. This man knows EVERYONE, and is right there at the beating heart of it all. Yeah, and he’s only just getting started!

A good dude, who’s always spoken with a content and positive spirit. I tell you, when you’ve known a man at his worst, and witnessed him in his darkest hour, it brings nothing but pure joy to witness him emerge into the light of his destiny. And I know he wishes, for me the same. A man I proudly call a trusted friend, here now, is Stone Ramsey:






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