Penned for IPhone, Puts Those Dreams of Being a Famous Author in Your Pocket

“Penned creates a community around writers of all kinds – it is a fun and beautiful way to share stories, opinions, and true tales along with a photo from your phone.”


Penned offers a newly redesigned platform for writers and bloggers to create and share their work on-the-go, while allowing them to interact with others who have similar interests in writing. Whether you are a novelist, poet, song-writer, fan fiction enthusiast, or blogger there is always something you can gain from the app. In this user-friendly and interactive setting, members are able to produce, discover, and share works with the mobile world.

In Japan, mobile story writing has had huge success producing some of the country’s top selling novels in recent years. Yet to find mainstream success in America, Penned hopes to change this mobile writing phenomenon. Penned is more than merely a mobile portal for writers to share their current creations, but aims to be an additional platform of social media. It is strategically positioned in between the more casual-post networks like Twitter & Facebook and longer form writing venues such as or publishing an eBook.

Feature Highlights:

  • Post a story accompanied by a cover image
  • Add chapters as you go and let your story unfold into a novel
  • Post to the most popular categories or create your own
  • Add & edit stories straight from the website
  • Connect with your friends and reading audience with comments on each chapter
  • Follow other writers and keep up with their work
  • Easily share to Twitter and Facebook

Penned is available as a free app in the US, but it is also available worldwide in several languages. It is currently in the AppStore, but is coming very soon to the Android market.

Please visit for more details.

Penned, a social writing community that help users to engage with their audience and gain a following.

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