ULR Feature: The Paragraph Ranch by Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon

EVERY WRITER KNOWS YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN. But that’s just what is required of West Texas expatriate Dee Bennett-Kaufmann when her mother is badly injured in a mysterious car accident.


Single-again “Dr. Dee” has never been on the “A-team” in her trendy East Coast MFA program. When a prestigious summer fellowship gives her the chance to finally finish her book, salvage her career, and spend some quality time with her college-age daughter — Dee’s certain her luck is about to change. Returning to care for her irascible, widowed mother threatens all of that.

With so much at stake, Dee engineers a series of unorthodox strategies and creative tradeoffs to keep her options in play—and despite herself finds friendship, love, and the power of words in the unlikeliest of places.

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Hardcover and Paperback

Book Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I live in Texas and am familiar with the area where this took place and feel that the authors were spot on with the characterizations of what it’s like to live in a small town. Dee’s goal was to get out of this small town as soon as possible and became very successful in her business life although she couldn’t say the same in her personal life. Once she is forced to return to her small town to help her Mother recover from a car accident she goes through an amazing discovery of life, both professionally and personally and realizes that small and simple isn’t so bad after all. Read this book, it’s a quick, easy read and you will really enjoy it. Congrats to Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon on a job well done on their first book and look forward to the next one.”- Amazon Reviewer


About the Authors

Meet Barbara Brannon


Barbara Brannon studied poetry with James Dickey at the University of South Carolina, where she earned the M.A. and Ph.D. Her poems have appeared in the Asheville Poetry Review, Cenacle, the South Carolina Review, and Yemassee, among other journals and magazines. She is a frequent contributor of travel and feature articles and author of The Ferries of North Carolina: Traveling the State’s Nautical Highways. Now heading up a nonprofit in Texas, she formerly served as managing editor of the University of South Carolina Press and director of the Publishing Laboratory in the Creative Writing Department of the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her current projects include a history of the Hampshire Bookshop of Northampton, Massachusetts, a mainstay of American bookselling from 1916 to 1971. She is coauthor, with Kay Ellington, of the novel The Paragraph Ranch.

Meet Kay Ellington

Cotton fields, pumpjacks, and Friday Night Lights defined the world KAY ELLINGTON grew up in West Texas. A gypsy of newspapering, her career took her from New York to California to the Carolinas–and finally, back again to Texas.


You can find Kay and Barbara on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheParagraphRanch, and on their website at http://www.ParagraphRanch.com.

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