ULR Feature: Oh God. It Hurts!: A book about pain, suffering, and the ‘love’ of God

Purchase now on Amazon.com FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED or $2.99

Oh God. It hurts!

Is a book about the hard questions in life.

Why is there pain?    ohgod

Why do people suffer?

How does God fit into all of this?

This book asks lots of questions and shares the author’s own personal stories, as well as those of his sister. Many of those stories are unpleasant, and troubling.

If you are looking for simplistic answers, or simple platitudes, this book does not have them. However, if you are willing to wrestle with the hard subjects in life, you may find a fellow sojourner in this book.

Purchase now on Amazon.com FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED or $2.99


Book Review

“This isn’t one of those lighthearted books with no substance. This book may be heavy in parts, but its only heavy because of the immense life story it holds. John Allen Thornton writes a memoir of his life, including the all the ups and downs. His writing was personal and fluid, as if he were right next to me telling his story. Many tragic things happen through his tale, things that made my heart break, but his steady struggle forward is a revelation to read. It really put my life into perspective, and gave me a sense of strength. He’d gone through so much, how could I not give it my best shot too? Overall, I really enjoyed this story about faith, family, and overcoming the pain the wells up in our lives.” – Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

John Allen Thornton has a varied background. He was an ICU Registered Nurse for 10 years. He also has been a patient with significant arthritis and multiple joint replacements. He also has worked with people in their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.

His only sibling, Kay, died on January 4, 2015 and that prompted his writing the book, “Oh God. It Hurts!”

He has graduated from a wide variety of Christian colleges and State universities and Christian seminaries (Methodist, North American Baptist, and Independent). This gives him an excellent background to look at what the Bible actually says and how it applies to life.


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