ULR Feature: Forty Days to Breakthrough: How to move from simply existing to living a life of meaning and purpose

Available in paperback and on Kindle!



The World Health Organisation has predicted that by 2030, depression will account for the highest level of disability accorded any physical or mental disorder in the world.

Antidepressants are among the best-selling drugs in medical practice with a market of US$12 billion. Yet a report from the American Psychological Association published in the New York times, stated that depression [in women] is misdiagnosed approximately 30 to 50 percent of the time. The report also said that 70 percent of the antidepressant prescriptions given to women, were done so often without proper diagnosis or monitoring.

There is a big difference between clinical depression and circumstantial depression. Circumstantial depression has nothing to do with a chemical imbalance. It is related directly to one’s circumstances; it is the pain of living without hope, or existing in negative circumstances and not being able to see a way out, and no amount of antidepressants is going to help. To cure circumstantial depression a person must be able to move out of their negative circumstances into a life of meaning and purpose.

There are two key questions a person can ask themselves to determine whether or not their depression is circumstantial:

One: If I leave my negative circumstances for a short time, do I feel better? And when I go back into those negative circumstances do I feel sad, bad, or anxious again?

Two: Did something happen to me before the depression set in? A job loss, a geographical move, the breakdown of a relationship, a divorce, or illness?

Overcome depression by using the KATE Method:

K = Know the difference between clinical and circumstantial depression.

A = Ask the two key questions to identify whether or not your depression is circumstantial.

T = Take small, achievable, positive action steps in order to move out of your negative circumstances.

E = Enter into a life of meaning and purpose.

The report from the American Psychological Association stated that “a more effective approach (other than taking antidepressants) was for woman to take some positive step, even if a small symbolic one, toward changing the circumstances that were leading to the depression.”

Skye McKenzie’s book, Forty Days to Breakthrough, is a practical guide to help you take small, achievable action steps, one each day for forty days, to rechart your course towards clarity, fulfillment and happiness.

About the Book 

Available Now in Paperback and on Kindle! 

Are you feeling stuck and unsure of your next move? Are you weighed down by life’s burdens and perhaps even struggling with depression? Do you want to be free from guilt, shame and the painful experiences in your past? Do you ask questions like “What is my purpose” or “Why am I here?”

In Forty Days to Breakthrough, author Skye McKenzie offers a forty-day program to help you discover the answers to these questions and many more. She reveals lessons she has learned and shares practical advice on how to listen to your intuition and connect with God to create a unique plan for your life.

Based on Skye’s personal forty-day journey of seeking God and wrestling with him, this easy-to-apply book provides a daily plan of intentional journaling, prayer, and meditation for a period of forty days. Forty Days to Breakthrough presents an engaging program that will help you to: Create an individual plan that will give you meaning and purpose to your everyday life; Accept who you are as God’s unique creation and discover your unique reason for being; Value adversity, recognising that every difficult situation is an opportunity to grow; Learn the truth about love, pride and intimacy, and how to apply this wisdom to living a happier, more satisfying life.

Life is too short to be miserable and confused! Take the forty day challenge today and break through the barriers that have been holding you back.


About the Author


Skye McKenzie currently resides in Australia and has lived in Zimbabwe (where she was born), South Africa and New Zealand. She has a Bachelor of Theology degree and a certificate in Trauma Care. Skye’s first book, “Forty Days to Breakthrough; How to move from simply existing to living a life of meaning and purpose” is based on her own forty-day journey of seeking God for radical change in her life. Skye believes that every person can break through the barriers that are holding them back and move into a life of fulfillment and happiness. The secret is… one small, achievable action step taken each day for a period of forty days.

Available for just $3.99 on Kindle and $11.69 in paperback!

Visit the website at https://www.skyemckenzie.me

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