ULR Feature: Finding Redemption (The Finding Series Book 2)



Avery & Abel Monroe, their names were synonymous with one thing. Manwhores.

Abel Monroe saw his brother was the man he’d always wanted to be, a loving Husband and Father. Abel became envious of him and hoped that one day he’d get a chance to be as happy as his brother.

Nova Anderson knew the Monroe brothers as their families were close. When she took the job at Easy Jays, she never anticipated anything happening between them.

One night, Nova let her overactive libido get the better of her and she found herself in the bed of the one man she swore she’d never enter.

When Abel’s past comes back to haunt him, will Nova stand by him when she thinks her chance at happiness would be marred by one reckless night Abel had? Will the reason why Nova ran from her comfortable life in Las Vegas make an appearance and finally end the happy life she was starting to have?

Will things stay the way they have been for so long, or will Abel finally find the redemption he’d been seeking since the moment he began to change his ways?


Book One – Finding Salvation is also available on Kindle

Book Review of Finding Salvation- Book 1 in the series

“Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down! I entered into the lives of Madison and Charlotte and felt their heartache, joy, sadness, fury, happiness, confusion, compassion, love, and understanding.

Madison and Charlotte had traumatic childhoods and bonded in a group foster home. They were each other’s family and would never be separated. They were fortunate enough to finally be adopted together when they were teens and as a reader, I thought they were going to be safe and happy the rest of the book. Nope. Not the case! They still had to survive grown up hell.

This book shows how traumatic life often is for adults who grew up as part of the foster care system. Not only do they have to deal with the unimaginable horrors they faced with their biological parents, they also have to deal with the emotional toll of being a foster kid. Finding Salvation reminds us that that each child’s experience is different and each child handles their experience differently into adulthood.

I became totally immersed in Madison and Charlotte’s lives. I enjoyed going on this winding journey with many twists and turns as both women realized they need to face the demons that haunted them and overcome their pain and fears in order to find their happily ever afters.” – Tina

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