ULR Feature: Blustardusk by Tanya Biondi


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Young Nausikaa is mistakenly taken onboard by an alien spaceship. She will discover new worlds and populations and she will find love, but also a deep feeling of melancholy for all she has left behind. With her, we will get to know the Anusians and their society, both rigid and harmonious, together with many other wonderful creatures that populate this universe. The novel is set in alien space, nevertheless the fundamental theme is love, which emerges also when not directly spoken of. The atmosphere is that of fantasy and adventure. A book suited for a public of dynamic, romantic dreamers.

Available in Paperback!

About the Author


I was born in 1968 in London but I grew up in Italy. From my Italian father I have inherited the love for the arts and from my English mother the love for literature, the love for music from Duran Duran. I lead an ordinary life, with an ordinary job but I have been blessed with something extraordinary, which is my imagination and the ability to express it through words, music and painting. I have self-published several poetry books and recently my first novel. I love the whole process of creating, from the first inspiration to the editing part and the artwork, both in writing and music. This is what I like to think of me: a pilgrim on the streets of art.


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