ULR Feature: Mashups for Teens: From Princess Grace to Princess Kate

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For me history got boring . . . fast. However, now, history fascinates me . . especially history learned through the lives of people who have made or are making a difference in the world. After reading this book or any of the books in this series, I hope you will agree.

This is the fourth book in the Mashup series. I wrote this one because I love princesses and these three princesses (Spoiler Alert! there is a third princess showcased in the book) are all women I admire. I share both the unique commonalities and differences between these three ladies. Just like you will find, I found surprises. My goal in writing these unique mashups has and will continue to be—to help you get inspired by their lives as I have.

Oh, the marvelous mashup. Enormously vogue in music and more recently, literature, the premise is simple. Take elemental bits and pieces of popular culture and remix them. The result is one part fresh, one part familiar.

Free On KINDLE UNLIMITED of Just $2.99 on Kindle!
Author Melissa G. Wilson has created her own style of the art form with her book series Masters Mashups. She takes two unlikely, yet well-known people and dissects the oddly similar ways their lives have unfolded.

These amazing and famous women have actually had lots of challenges in their lives. They also have more in common than you might imagine. It appears they’re the quintessence of happily ever after. But success didn’t come without controversy, without familiar influences, without heartache and disappointment. Included is an entire chapter of juicy facts that may surprise you–facts even your parents probably don’t know!

This is the fourth book in the series of the Masters Mashups series by Melissa G Wilson. She has written numerous books, including a best seller which held a #10 Amazon spot for an entire year. Check out the other Masters Mashups too! There are plenty now and many more to come!

Melissa’s organization, Networlding, provides a comprehensive service for thought leaders who want to create breakthrough books, self-published or published traditionally. But what she loves to do most is help young adults get better starts in their careers. To this end she gifts all of her earnings on this series to mentoring young adults others in publishing and book marketing internships. When she is not helping others she is hanging out with her husband, Craig, writing novels.

Book Review

“We are in love with this delightful mashup for teens. This time around author Melissa Wilson has us mashing it up with everything princesses and brings us a treasure trove of riches on the lives and times of three of the world’s most beautiful princesses. The whole family loves the Mashups Series and the author has taken a few new turns with this mashup turning its aim at teens, such as offering an entire chapter on interesting facts that your parents don’t even know. Now, that said, we have a nine-year-old that wants to be a teen and will probably always be in love with all the wonderful things about being a princess and this has been a fantastic way for us to make learning history and current events a fun family night that involves almost all of us, we need zombies to get the boys in the room.” – Amazon Reviewer

Free On KINDLE UNLIMITED of Just $2.99 on Kindle!

About the Author


Melissa is the author and/or co-author of 15 books with a number of bestsellers. Her latest book,Networking is Dead: Creating Connections that Matter, was a Wallstreet Journal and Barnes and Noble bestseller and her book, Networlding, that was a #10 book on Amazon for an entire year.

Melissa started Networlding Publishing, a ghostwriting and book marketing organization, because her top value is “making a difference.” She found that she could make the biggest difference by following her “Power-of-Ten” Networlding process.

To this end Melissa assists thought leaders in ghostwriting, publishing and marketing their books. Her clients have included people like the head of diversity for Hewitt, the president of Holland Cruise Lines, the head of a division of Allstate, the head of HR for the NBA, a seven-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur and thought leaders from many small and mid-sized companies around the world.

Melissa’s greatest passion is helping new adults get better starts in their lives and careers. Here, she mentors up to ten college graduates yearly providing them with paid mentorships in book publishing and marketing.

Shakespeare to Steven King 
Marie Antoinette to Madonna 
Sleeping Beauty to Beyonce 
Princess Grace to Princess Kate 
They teach teens and young and new adults history from a unique, creative perspective. My goal was to change history from being boring for many to being engaging and even . . . fun.

All proceeds go to mentoring new adults to help them get better starts in their lives.

Finally, if you have any new ideas for Mashups, please email Melissa directly at melissa@networlding.com. She would love to hear from you!

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