Written by: Wesley “Godfather” Hunter

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Erotica is about power and passion. It’s about the give and take of control: Domination, taboo differences, and the adventuresome stepping outside of ones perceived limits. Erotica pushes and pulls; it tugs and stretches, yanks and smacks you right in the face, forcing you to confront and consider what you thought you never would. Good, strong, stiff erotica makes you second guess what you thought you knew about the limits you’d set, and leaves you somewhere wet, with just the idea. Fantasy. Imagination. A world beyond the real. Or is it?


“No matter how strong a woman is, she desires a man who’s stronger.”

Is it any wonder that movies like INDECENT PROPOSAL or 50 SHADES OF GREY have ripped into our consciousness and burned themselves into our memory with such powerfully aggressive force? The mere thoughts thrusting into us, a questioning we’d never before considered, yet, leaving us spent at the conclusion, with wholly new thoughts of ourselves and just what our limits might be. Or, better yet, luring us to question if indeed, we truly even have limits at all.

BY MY CHOICE is a sexy, sensuous, romantic erotica which finds a sensible woman trapped by choice. Caught within a vampires snare, Jennifer is sold by the only friend she has, and, now, must completely submit to the carnal desires of another, in order to be made free. Losing herself to find herself, she must do what she never would, and become someone she never knew or imagined as she learns that, true freedom is given not taken, and that all passions must be explored, in order to have truly lived: in order to have truly been free. BY MY CHOICE because, in the end, we all must choose.

Christine Blackthorne, holds degrees in political science, economics, philosophy and law. She’s a witty one who likes to twist and baffle, as she teaches and explores the outer realms. Christine is a blogger who writes on issues of feminism and erotica. She is the author of BY MY CHOICE.

As one who writes on feminism, is there any irony in the fact the BY MY CHOICE is a story which seems to strip the woman of free will; where a woman is sold and made to submit?

Only if we would argue that life in itself is against feminism – there is always a choice, even if we feel there is none. As humans we have a tendency to hide behind the argument that we had no choice, that what happened forced us into doing something. The problem is that we do have a choice, and if the only choice is how to deal with a bad situation. We always have a choice.

This is in particular the case in Dominance/submission scenarios. We choose to play at this and without that choice it does not work. When I submit to my partner, I do this because I choose to do it. I still am responsible for my actions and reactions. I am responsible for choosing him even though I give up control over what will happen. It is one of the reasons why it holds value.

As women, as feminists, it is easiest to sit back and argue that we have achieved all, or at least all we can. That we do not have a choice. We also have a tendency to consider sex something we are more likely to consume and wait to see what happens to us. BY MY CHOICE is intentionally showing a character who, though she seems to have no choice, takes her choice back

Available now on Kindle!

Vampires. Why a vampire story?

I like vampires. There is the theory out there which says you have either an erotic appreciation for the concept of shifters or vampires – I am not that clear-cut but I do lean towards the vampires. In part this might be due to the fact that I love to have my neck touched and kissed. But mostly I think it is due to my fascination with history – just imagine the knowledge you could glean from someone who has lived for centuries.

I see you’re a blogger. Tell us about your blog?

My blog was an accident. I resent the way feminism is often portrayed, or portrays itself, as an enemy of sex. When I was asked to write an article about Feminism and Submission I realized that there is a lot I want to say.

Then I became pregnant and started writing about the changes pregnancy brings to sex, or rather the use of certain toys or practices. So the blog added some more practical aspects to the blog. So now I write about Feminism, Erotica and BDSM both looking at practical, as well as, academic issues.

How long have you been writing?

I have always told stories, to my friends, to myself but it was really necessity that made me write them down. As a child we moved a lot. Stories I had started to tell my friends suddenly had to be written down – sometimes in letters, sometimes as a few sentences on a restaurant napkin. In extreme cases as a felt-tip pen mark on a hand when that friend said goodbye at the station.

We got older and the distances grew – as did the number of recipients of the stories. First they became emails sent on by people, then a technologically gifted nerd-friend set up a website with a newsletter option. Some of the oldest stories are still being distributed via that.

The natural next step was to create a singular novel which I did when the son of a friend was born (for her – not for him 😉 ). From that came the publication of By My Choice…

Is this your first book? Do you plan to write others?

It is, and it is not. BY MY CHOICE… is a novella in a world for which I have written two full novels (about to come out) and another novella.

I also have a dystopian sci-fi story, GUILT, at the publishers – so that is on its way too.

With all of the degrees and options you have, why write?

Writing is not really a choice – more a compulsion. When I close my eyes in the evening, when I wait for a bus, when I am in the gym, the stories just happen. Some stories have happened over years, other are just scenes. Some get written down, some never do.

What was the inspiration for this story?

The philosophical inspiration came from listening to other submissives and women curious about submission. The discussion was based on responsibility and choice, that submission is a gift. I realized that I needed to think about that one.

I resented the idea that submission is the gift of giving away responsibility. I might give up control, but I am still responsible for what happens – responsible to be honest, absolutely honest, to my partner; to only give that control to someone I trust. I cannot make another person responsible for my own physical and emotional well-being, and if it is only for a short time, without accepting the responsibility as well. Even when giving up all choice, I need to make one.

Do you read a lot of erotica? Who inspires your writing style?

I mainly read fantasy, urban fantasy, crime and erotica. What makes a good book for me is the ability of the author to draw me in, to make me feel the story with all my five senses, to let me get lost in it. I try to create the same in my stories.

My favourite authors are Anne Bishop, Cherise Sinclaire and Patricia Briggs and though I aspire to their writing, I am only too aware that I am still very far away from reaching them.

What makes BY MY CHOICE different than what’s out there?

Research has shown that, for women, 90% of sex happens in their minds, I try to give those 90% space in my stories, to draw the reader in with all their senses as well as their brains. There is always some philosophical point, something behind – if a reader wants to look. That does not make my stories different from everything out there – but it distinguishes it from those who only want to show the physical side of sex.

Anything else you want to add? Where can your book be found?

Amazon, Barnes and Nobels and the usual places

By my choice

How can you be reached?

I am on facebook, twitter and so on – but the best way of reaching me is possibly my website: www.christineblackthorn.eu or via email: christine@christineblackthorn.eu


About the Author


In “real” life, I am an academic with degrees in Political Science, Economics, Philosophy and Law and an insatiable desire to confound, baffle and disconcert my students. Someone once suggested to me the reason for my stories lay in the desire to offset the tedium and rationality of academic life. He wasn’t an academic or he would have known better. It is best to use research against tedium, students to offset the rationality and an unlimited supply of stressballs for the faculty meetings. The stories? Well, they are just for me – like a mental manicure.

I also write a blog on Feminism and Erotica – come talk to me: http://christineblackthorn.eu/blog

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