ULR Feature: Children’s Books: The Gnomes of the Night by Itzik Klein

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Picking up his mess is just too much for Ryan.

night_gnomes (1)

Between brushing his teeth, taking a shower, and being a kid, Ryan can’t be bothered with another chore.

That is until his dad warns him about the Night Gnomes who snatch up misplaced items and sometimes claim them as their own.

At first, Ryan doesn’t listen, but when his discarded shoes go missing, he has no choice but to use his secret detective skills and so he braves the night in search of the mysterious gnomes. What he finds, though, is even more than he bargained for.

In this wonderfully illustrated children’s book, young Ryan shares a few laughs with his dad while he unravels the mystery of the gnomes.

✿ This fully illustrated story is filled with many original rhymes and contains new words for kids. it’s fun and enjoyable and great for expanding their vocabulary
✿ Read this book FREE as part of your Kindle Prime Unlimited Membership.
✿ This story is great as a read-aloud book or for beginner readers. It could be one of the funniest books for kids 9 to 12 and can be read as one of the first books for kids 4–8 years old.
✿ Listen to an audio sample here: http://smarturl.it/gnomes-audio-sample.
✿ This book will look great on a kid’s bookcase. Use “Look inside” to preview more of the pages.

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Book Review

“As the aunt of a young boy who never puts his clothes or his toys away, this cute story resonated with me, and I will be using it as a bed time book each time I baby sit him!

Itzik Klein ha s written a fun narrative of a little boy who doesn’t realize the importance of putting stuff away – whether it’s the dishes from the table, or his clothing before he goes to bed. His dad attempts to teach him a lesson by pointing out that the Gnomes of the Night will come and take away all of his stuff if he doesn’t put them in their proper places. Ryan is clever and turns the tables on his dad, but by the end of the book he has learned his lesson.

The illustrations are very well done by Fanny Liem. They’re just the right practically-realistic characters that I enjoy. And the colors are so bright that they practically pop off the screen of my Kindle Fire, highlighting one of the benefits of reading an illustrated book on an e-reader rather than on the flat page of a book.

Itzik Klein tells his story in rhyming form, and he has to work a bit to make some of the rhymes come about (in other words, a couple of them are a wee bit tortuous), but that actually adds to the charm of the book.

Highly recommended.” – Amazon Reviewer


About the Author

Hi, how are you?     author_in_its_prime
My Name is Liran and my Dad is the author of The Gnomes of the Night, the book you are currently checking out.

My favorite things in the world are playing video games and mind games and also harassing my little sister. She is very annoying, because she’s always getting into my things and you can actually see it happening in the book.

My Dad is funny, even though I think he tries too hard sometimes. Still, I think he is a really cool Dad. Geez, he still tries to convince me from time to time to do stuff by mentioning these Gnomes, who will come when night falls….

I’ve seen him working on this book for ages, trying to make every single illustrated page as perfect as it can get. Draft after draft, picture angel after picture angel. Well, I’ve heard this story like a gazillion times, way before he started working on it, and now I’m glad this book is finally out there so other kids can enjoy it. I really hope you will like this story, too.

And maybe you can learn a few funny ideas from it; all you need is a bit of imagination and creativity. But please, whatever you do, don’t tell your Mom I said so!

So, have a good read and a good night, friends. Goodbye!

Please feel free to reach out my Dad at itzikklein1978@gmail.com. He enjoys hearing from his fans. Tell him I sent you, maybe He will give me some candy 😉

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