ULR Feature: Diver Creed Station by Oliver Phipps

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Wars, disease and a massive collapse of civilization have ravaged the human race of a hundred years in the future. Finally in the late twenty- second century, mankind slowly begins to struggle back from the edge of extinction. divercreednew

When a huge “virtual life” facility is restored from a hibernation type of storage and slowly brought back online, a new hope materializes.

Fragments of humanity begin to move into the remnants of Denver and the Virtua-Gauge facilities, which offer seven days of virtual leisure for seven days work in this new and growing social structure.

Most inhabitants of this new lifestyle begin to hate the real world and work for the seven day period inside the virtual pods. It’s the variety of luxury role play inside the virtual zone that supply’s the incentive needed to work hard for seven days in the real world.

In this new social structure a man can work for seven days in a food dispersal unit and earn seven days as a twenty first century software billionaire in the virtual zone. As time goes by and more of the virtual pods are brought back online life appears to be getting better.

Rizette and her husband Oray are young technicians that settle into their still new marriage as the virtual facilities expand and thrive.

Oray has recently attained the level of a Class A Diver and enjoys his job. The Divers are skilled technicians that perform critical repairs to the complex system, from inside the virtual zone.

His title of Diver originates from often working in the secure “lower levels” of the system. These lower level areas are the dividing space between the real world and the world of the virtual zone. When the facility was built, the original designers of the virtual system intentionally placed this buffer zone in the programs to avoid threats from non-living virtual personnel.

As Oray becomes more experienced in his elite technical position as a Diver, he is approached by his virtual assistant and forced to make a difficult decision. Oray’s decision triggers events that soon pull him and his wife Rizette into a deadly quest for survival.

The stage becomes a massive and complex maze of virtual world sequences as escape or entrapment hang on precious threads of information.

System ghosts from the distant past intermingle with mysterious factions that have thrown Oray and Rizette into a cyberspace trap with little hope for survival.

 Book Review

” Oliver Phipps has done it again with this suspenseful, enticing Science Fiction novel. I’ve spent a good deal of time reading books from this genre over the past few months, but nothing has kept me as hooked as Phipps’ ‘Diver Creed Station’.

The story itself is unique, clear, and well-written, unlike any other dystopian society story I’ve read. It has a descriptive storyline, opening with a brief yet detailed overview at the deterioration and redevelopment of the earth. We’re then introduced to the main characters, protagonists, and married couple Oray and Rizette, who are our guides through the story of the futuristic new world.

Though this book is set centuries into the future, it feels very realistic due to the emphasis on each event, and the actions and emotions drawn out by the main characters. You’ll feel like you’re a part of the story, whether you’re in the real world or the virtual world, which is what makes it such a page-turner.

Phipps does an excellent job at the creative and imaginative portrayal of a world barely clinging to civilization. The story swiftly moves between the strong plots and elaborate settings, keeping it diverse and pulling the reader in with every word. While the book is primarily Science Fiction, offers humor, suspense, and has something for everyone.

Whether you’re a sci-fi lover, or you’ve never dabbled in the genre, you won’t regret taking a chance on ‘Diver Creed Station’. It’s persistent in suspense with an impressive buildup of tension. You’ll definitely have a hard time putting this one down, and you may find yourself wanting more even when the book is over.” – Kayla, Amazon Review



Available Free on Kindle Unlimited!



Oliver served as a Paratrooper in the United States Army and studied at MSC. In the late 1980s through mid 90s Oliver persued his love of music. He enjoyed traveling, playing percussion and writing lyrics for popular bands. During this time Oliver also began writing short stories and articles.

After playing for thousands through the fall and winter of 1996 Oliver’s band abruptly disbanded. In early spring of 1997 Oliver, along with a good friend and guitarist got together with the intention to form a new group. But rather than form a new band the two put together an expedition plan for traveling to Northern Canada and Alaska in order to prospect for gold.

Leaving in April of 1997 Oliver and company traveled up the historic AL-CAN highway. After exploring the Yukon and Northwest territories of Canada as well as the Arctic Circle the team traveled over the Top of the World highway to Alaska.

1999-2000 Oliver traveled through Asia, visiting Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan among other countries.

In 2004 Oliver published his first book and continues to write books, articles and short stories. Currently Oliver and family reside happily in the U.S.

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Available also at www.oliverphipps.com

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