ULR Feature: Community of Us by Saskia Health



Lapsed naturopath Matilda dreams of a quieter life, away from the city, while disillusioned scientist Jessie wants to escape his lab and get a girlfriend. Neither of them can envision the catastrophe that lies ahead.

Our journey starts in the moody metropolis of Melbourne Australia traveling to the earthly paradise of northern New South Wales, Australia.

How can anything bad happen in such a beautiful place? Will natures’ power aid or kill us? Humanity is locked in a desperate race for survival. Gaia will have her way. Will it also be our way?

A thrilling adventure ride about the lengths we will go to survive. A compulsive read and a ripping start to the series. Community of Us presents a terrifyingly possible future.




Saskia Heath is an Australian based author. Saskia lives on a small farm with her menagerie of animals. Community of Us is her first novel and she is working on the second in this exciting series currently.

Saskia’s background includes being a naturopath, marriage celebrant, production manager and entrepreneur with the Hookturn BYO Coffee Cup.


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ULR Feature: Toss in the Ether by Jamal Story

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tossintheetherDesperate to leave its crumbling home for a needed new studio space, a dance company short on resources but rich in talent revives a widely revered, difficult and dangerous ballet to present at an arts conference. A brilliant performance could mean security. But when Alicia, a key dancer, pushes her husband down the stairs, room is made for bigger falls than any of the dancers could imagine. With settings all along the company’s touring destinations, and in the sprawling reach of Dallas and its suburbs, Story choreographs a dense, imaginative journey interlaced with tragedies, political mayhem, love lessons, and the transformative, healing power of art.

About the Author


THERE was a 17 year old named Jamal Story. He won the Spotlight Award Scholarship, a prize lauded by all in the land, and balanced a 3.92 GPA, all while training rigorously with Adria Wilson, Oui Geometer Dance Company, and the modern dance godmother Lula Washington. As a teen Mrs. Washington saw the potential for greatness and ushered Jamal into her adult company, the Lula Washington Dance Theatre, where the seeds of integrity were planted into the phenomenal story that is Jamal’s life, love and pursuit of dance.  Continuing to excel under exceptional circumstances—he toiled arduously and prevailed in the second graduating class at the California Academy of Math and Science—Jamal fled to Dallas to earn dual degrees at  Southern Methodist University in Dance Performance and TV/Radio Communications. While there, Dallas Black Dance Theater and Fort Worth/Dallas Ballet opened up their doors for replacements and guest artist gigs.  Never one to leave his roots behind, Jamal continued his close ties to Lula, joining the company for various touring dates. Spellbound by movement, Jamal danced with acclaimed choreographer Donald Byrd/theGroup, Madonna’s 2001 Drowned World Tour, Complexions  and with Cher as an aerialist and dancer on  Cher’s Living Proof: The Farewell Tour. Immediately thereafter, he was summoned back into the studio with Donald Byrd to help discover the movement for the history-making Broadway show, The Color Purple  where he spent the duration of its run as a dancer and assistant dance captain. Seamlessly transferring from concert dance to Broadway, Jamal continued to defy expectations and broaden his horizons when he published his first novel 12:34 a slice novel Enchanted with the close knit Broadway community, he returned its forest as an original cast member yet again in Mr. Berry Gordy’s Motown the Musical.  Jamal is a strong advocate for educating young artists about the changing landscape of dance. While on Cher’s current Dressed to Kill , he remains active as the co-chair of the National Dance Committee for SAG-AFTRA, and holds a seat on the unions local New York Board. With his company, Schehimazade Productions,  he lives, ever after,  happily choreographing, teaching, writing and consulting as an independent contractor.

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ULR Feature: Trankarri: The Boy with a Magical Pen by Christopher Dean



When talented young artist Nathaniel Hancock receives a new drawing pen for Christmas, he promises his great-grandfather that he’ll prepare him a Masterpiece for the following year. But Nathaniel is naive for the Pen is magical-and as he makes his finishing touches, the Masterpiece comes to life before his very eyes. After entering the drawing, he discovers that he’s added new territory to the enchanted land that lies beyond: the Inkworld, a pen-and-ink realm where reality is limited only by the artist’s imagination. After Nathaniel rescues the drawing of an elf from a deadly prison, he realizes the Inkworld is far more complex than he ever imagined. For dark forces lurk beneath the idyllic surface. In saving the elf, Nathaniel accidentally unleashes an ancient evil that threatens to destroy all that’s good in the Inkworld… And it’s up to him to set things right…

About the Author

Christopher Dean spent the majority of his career operating a landscape business in Austin, TX. While in the field with 105 degree summers, stories of far-off lands kept his mind occupied and in his spare time he dedicated himself to the art of writing.

In 2010 he graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature and started writing his first novel for children, Trankarri. Five years later it is now published and doing well on the market with its follow up coming in 2016. He lives with his wife and three kids in Austin, TX.

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From Heaven Comes Guidance

Written by Seth Ferranti


My Life after Death is a book written by Erik Medhus through his mother Elisa Medhus from Heaven. Erik passed away in 2009 but has remained active in our world as a spirit guide helping others through his blog, Channeling Erik. In the book Erick describes the afterlife in detail. But the book is more than just a journey to the other side, it is a story of a young man who died and transformed into spirit form and is an affirmation to all of us that the afterlife lives and is there for all of us when we pass away. Take a trip with Erik to Heaven and see what its all really about as he lets us see it through his eyes as he experiences it for the first time.

A riveting and thorough account, My Life after Death will hold your attention and challenge your imagination and all you hold true. Your beliefs will be affirmed or shattered and all your questions of what it feels like to die will finally be answered. The spirit world is unveiled through Erik and he provides the answers that people have been seeking for generations, showing that love and God and Heaven have no boundaries and life truly never ends. We spoke with Eriks mother about this amazing book and spiritual journey so that she could shed more light on this amazing project.

Why did you write the book My Son and the Afterlife?
I wrote my first book, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side, to share my journey from skeptic to believer. After my young son, Erik, took his life, I was devastated, of course. But what made matters worse was that I was raised by two atheists. Plus I’m a physician with a scientific background so for me, something was real only if I could perceive it with one of my five senses or measure it with an instrument. Three days after his death, my atheist father called me in a panic to say that Erik appeared before him while he was sitting in his chair reading a newspaper, then turned into the little boy version of himself and crawled into his lap. He was so startled. That made me wonder, so I began to read all sorts of books on consciousness survival, quantum physics and more. While I was researching, Erik began to make his presence known by manifesting in front of us, turning on unplugged appliances, locking deadbolts, turning on faucets, dropping Airsoft BBs from the ceiling and more. I began communicating with him through the uncannily accurate and gifted medium, Jamie Butler, and posted what he shares about death, the afterlife, the life of a spirit and bigger concepts like time, God and love. Through Jamie, Erik wrote his memoirs in the book due for publication this Fall: My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven. As the first book recounts my journey, his book recounts his. He discusses what death was like for him, how it was to cross over, what happened right after, what the afterlife looks like, what it’s like to be a spirit and more.

What are you doing with the website?

I first created the blog, Channeling Erik, as a place to vent my profound grief. I heal best when helping others so I wanted to provide others in pain with a place to share and feel safe and supported. Now we have almost 40,000 members from all over the world, all part of a tight-knit community learning from Erik and sharing insights of their own. Curiously, Erik now pranks and visits those blog members. In fact, I had to add a “Share your Erik Story” to the blog.

What can people get from reading your book or visiting the website?

We have 40 million baby boomers today grappling with their own mortality, and many of them want to know what, if anything, will happen to them after they die. There are also a lot of people who have lost loved ones, and wonder where they are and how they’re doing. Some have death anxiety often to the point that they become paralyzed in life. Others are simply curious about death and the afterlife. So the target audience for the book is anyone who is going to die. Immortals need not apply. It will give you the hope that there is a place for you after you die and that your loved ones are not gone forever. In fact, those loved ones want a continued relationship with those they’ve left behind. Love knows no boundaries, even death.
What was the process like writing it?
Describe what your book is about?

My role in this second book is that of a transcriptionist. I simply type what Erik says. The first part was excruciatingly painful for me because he shared details about his death that were very graphic and detailed. I didn’t really want to know those details. His good-byes to each of his family members were very heart wrenching for me, too. It wasn’t until he described his crossing over and everything that followed that I felt like I was witnessing his glorious adventure into the afterlife. From the book, I’ve also learned that he is happy and he has found himself in a way he never could when he was alive.

What would you compare your book to?

This book compares closely to the bestseller by Annie Kagan, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers because it also is a spirit’s account of the afterlife and spiritual matters.

What has people’s response to the book and website been?

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of emails and blog comments I get from people claiming that the book and/or blog has saved their lives—figuratively and sometimes even literally. For instance, one gentleman wrote the comment, “I was planning to kill myself today, but after reading Erik’s post, I want to live.” That was well over two years ago, and he’s still a wonderful part of our community. Sometimes Erik lures people to the book or blog. For example, he’ll get their computers to bring up the blog’s homepage even though they’ve never searched for it, never heard of it, and typed in a different url. Once, he had the book fly off the shelf at a Barnes and Noble and land at a woman’s feet more than two feet away. I’m very proud of what Erik has done and continue to do, and I’m honored to be the transcriptionist who puts his words out there for the public.

Describe your writing style and the tone of your book?

Erik is the author for this one, and his tone is very casual and peppered with sailor talk. He says he curses because he wants to be more approachable and humanlike rather than coming off as a spiritual guru who starts out with, “Welcome my dear one.” For those who take offense at his swearing, he says, “Words are just a string of letters. They get their power from the intent behind them,” and his intent is benevolent and loving. He also comes across as sincere, often blunt, so that what he wants to get across carries more power.

Where is your book available?

My first book, My Son and the Afterlife, is available at all online bookstores and most brick and mortar stores. The second book, My Life After Death, is scheduled for publication September 1, 2015, is available for preorder through many online outlets, including Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

About the Author


Elisa Medhus is a physician and mother of five who has practiced internal medicine for over thirty years. She is the author of three award-winning parenting books and has lectured on parenting for schools, parent groups, and corporations. After the death of her twenty-year-old son Erik, Dr. Medhus began journaling her grief in her blog ChannelingErik.com. A strong believer in science, she formerly viewed spiritual matters with skepticism. Once Erik began to communicate with family, friends, and blog members, her entire paradigm shifted. After devouring books on the quantum physics explaining the science behind spirituality, Dr. Medhus began her journey towards spiritual understanding and belief.

Why I created this blog/book: After my son, Erik, took his life, the pain was unbearable. But that pain was compounded by the fact that I was raised by two atheists. I didn’t really have a belief system about life after death. Plus, as a physician, my educational background is heavily steeped in science, so for something to be real, I had to perceive it with my five senses—or so I thought. Since I heal best when I help others, I decided to vent my pain by creating a safe and loving community where other’s who grieve could share their pain as well. Channeling Erik was born. But shortly after, Erik began pranking and visiting blog members. The membership grew exponentially and extended globally.What I’ve discovered during my journey is that people yearn for answers. Seventy-eight million baby boomers are grappling with their own mortality. Many people have lost loved ones and pray that they are safe and happy and that their relationship with them has not ended. I’ve also found that many people suffer from severe death anxiety. They’re so paralyzed with fear over the prospects of their own death that they can barely live their lives. Lastly, many people are just curious. They want to know the answers to the bigger questions.

Because of that universal need, I decided to collect the material from Erik’s answers to those many pressing questions and create a compendium of knowledge about death, the afterlife, the untethered spirit and much more. And so the book was born.

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ULR Feature: The Power & Intelligence of Karma & Reincarnation by Darma


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In the distant past, life was pretty harsh – most work was manual labor, medicine was primitive and there was little law & order – the perfect opening to religions that promised an easy afterlife. Life was mocked as sin, “up there” awaited a magical land of plenty. These religions kept us weak, God made in the image of the local King reduced followers down to slaves/servants, down on their knees begging for mercy and seeking pity. This book asks for a paradigm change – are we still weak? Do we still think we can just run away from problems? This book is for the Strong, the Warrior, for those who see Life as a Great Gift from God, God as our Teacher, as we build the paradise right here on Earth and make Her Proud of us! Create & build a great Future for all life on earth. Only Reincarnation gives us such an opportunity.

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“This book really goes deep and gives reasons of this specific topic.I t really has a nice and neat representation to it that I as a book lover can relate and it also has the key factors that make me understand the purpose of the book. I surely will recommend this book to any individual that really needs knowledge about the topic. Reading the sample i tell you my fellow individuals that you will become entitled to it and make you even want more and i know i want to read more and it also gives me knowledge about stuff and ideas I didn’t really consider. This book is a really good piece and can give you a bit of intelligence. With that being said i would recommend that you at least use some time to read what a nice and incredible
piece this book is” – Amazon Review

Who Am I?: How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again


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Megan Cyrulewski is an ordinary person who has faced extraordinary challenges and now wants to inspire people and show them that hope gives them the power to survive anything. Who Am I? is about her journey into post-partum depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, visits to the psych ward, divorce, domestic violence, law school, and her courageous struggle to survive with her sanity intact—and how a beautiful little girl emerged from all this chaos.

Book Review

“This book is definitely an emotional roller coaster! This book reveals the story of the author and how she has to deal with spousal abuse. After the birth of her daughter, she is affected with post-partum depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. She finally realizes that she has the power to change her life. Her daughter gives her the strength to turn her life around. She goes back to school, getting a law degree, and finds that she can finally live again! Definitely worth the read!” – Amazon Reviewer

Available in Paperback and on Kindle!

About the Author


Megan Cyrulewski has been writing short stories ever since she was ten-years-old. After attending Grand Valley State University, Megan eventually settled into a career in the non-profit sector for eight years. She decided to change careers and went back to school to get her law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. While in school, she documented her divorce, child custody battle and postpartum depression struggles in her memoir which is slated to be published on August 2 by Black Opal Books. Megan lives in Michigan with her 3-year-old daughter who loves to dance, run, read, and snuggle time with Mommy. Megan also enjoys her volunteer work with Troy Youth Assistance.

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Wantin won the 2015 LA Book Festival romance category – Congratulations Truth Devour!


Wantin just won at the LA Book festival romance category. To celebrate the e-book has been reduced to .99 cents. Wantin is the first book in the adult contemporary romantic trilogy by Truth Devour. The series is a chronicle written in the first person of a young girls journey into womanhood. Wantin, has been compared by reviewers of all ages to be layered with associations to novels such as Eat Prey Love due to the wonderful global adventures, and novels such as the French classic Emmanuelle and Anaïs Nin’s short story collection Delta of Venus, due to the sexual exploration and expression of the main character Talia Jacobs.

‘If it feels so good loving the wrong person, imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you love the right one.’ Quote from Wantin



Contemporary romantic trilogy by Truth Devour with indulgent light erotic descriptives and cultural based paranormal undertones. The series is a chronicle written in the first person of a young girls journey into womanhood. Wantin, has been compared by reviewers of all ages to be layered with associations to novels such as Eat Prey Love due to the wonderful global adventures, and novels such as the French classic Emmanuelle and Anaïs Nin’s short story collection Delta of Venus, due to the sexual exploration and expression of the main character Talia Jacobs.

‘If it feels so good loving the wrong person, imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you love the right one.’ Quote from Wantin

Note: (Book 2: Unrequited & Book 3: Sated)

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