ULR Feature: The Gift-Knight’s Quest by Dylan Madeley


Available in ebook and paperback!

“Chandra had yet to fathom why Jonnecht could not have lived and ruled for many long years, or why it was so urgent that she ascend immediately.”

Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatised by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire. In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in power, Chandra risks putting the lives of many in mortal danger, as well as her own.

Derek is an aimless wanderer – the youngest in a lineage that has long fallen from nobility. He finds himself summoned by tradition to serve a family historically considered his bitter enemy. As he journeys down the same path a fateful ancestor once travelled, he struggles with personal demons and begins to reconsider his loyalty to the mission.

Duke Lenn found one true cause in love and it cost him everything. His legacy shaped the present in which Chandra and Derek find themselves. Now their choice will shape the future of Kensrik…

The Gift-Knight’s Quest is set in a new and vividly imagined world, written with delicate prose that will allow the reader to explore with their imagination. Inspired by authors such as Michael Moorcock, J. G. Ballard and Roger Zelazny, it will appeal to fans of fantasy and historical fiction.

Available in ebook and paperback!

Book Review

Immerse yourself in a highly enjoyable story, one that focuses more on the characters themselves and innovatively uses their family background’s to the greatest extent that it forms a sublime story, set amongst the backdrop of a medieval fantasy world.

In this beautiful and intricate tale, one that is punctuated with romance, adventure, revolts and sacrifices in the hope of the greater good, aided with the occasional family drama and historical themes for an added depth of realise, this is a story that will put many smiles on your face as you admire the humour of which the author has used resourcefully in advancing the pace of the story along.

Overall, if you enjoy medieval themed adventure stories, romance with sacrifices, the consequences of a choice, or perhaps you just want to immerse yourself into another world for a couple of hours, then this book will more than satisfy your appetite.

About the Author


Dylan Madeley is a Torontonian currently working out of a headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario. He is the copy editor of and a frequent contributor to Auxiliary Magazine, an alternative fashion and music zine. His junior copy editors are two chinchillas named Basil and Liam. His first published novel, The Gift-Knight’s Quest, is slated for a May 28, 2015 release.

Available in ebook and paperback!

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