ULR Feature: Birth Pangs of the Tribulation: Revised Edition (End Times Tribulation Book 1) by Dr. Gary Michael Epping


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Nearly everyone, including myself, hope that the Rapture of the Church occurs before the start of the Tribulation, similar to the storyline that was characterized in the ‘Left Behind’ series. This is a recent concept that was only made popular by John Darby during the latter part of the 19th century. For the nineteen centuries prior to that time, most religious leaders held to a different view of when Jesus would return for His saints.

What if the Resurrection and Rapture did not occur at the beginning of the Great Tribulation? Would Christians lose their faith and follow the wooing of the Antichrist? Or would they return to the Bible to see if the Rapture might still occur at another time? These are some of the questions that went through the minds of the revival crusaders, as they watched the news about the signing of a peace treaty between Israel and the Mediterranean Brotherhood of Muslim nations.

Major shock waves reverberated throughout the Christian Church when no one was raptured and everyone was left behind, as Hans Auntay Khrysto negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. Faith becomes a central issue with some people growing stronger, and others falling away to follow the luring of the Antichrist. Those Christians who chose to endure were able to function within society by simply continuing to take the Great Commission into the world, and moving the local church underground during the growing persecution of the tribulation period. However, when the temple is desecrated during the middle of the Tribulation, people are forced to accept or reject the mark of the beast. Christians must flee and seek a place of refuge during the Great Tribulation or face certain execution.

The current book is a 2nd edition and has been completely revised and re-edited. It is part of a Tribulation Trilogy that includes, ‘Birth Pangs Of The Tribulation,’ ‘Tribulation Rising,” and ‘The Unfolding Of The Great Tribulation.’

Available now on Kindle for Just $0.99

Book Review

“When I started reading this book I knew that It was going to be something new and different. It’s a story, but as a story it speculates some very serious theological possibilities. Of course this is nothing new, there’s thousands of books based on the theme of good vs. evil, god vs. the devil, etc. . Birth Pangs of the Tribulation is completely different from anything I’ve ever read. The whole concepts of the rapture, tribulation and judgement are described and brought to life in an epic and believable way. How would the worlds countries, religions, and organizations react to the Tribulation? This book has completely changed my entire perspective on religion and spirituality. Overall I would recommend this story to people who want a unique story on the concept of tribulation.” – Amazon Reviewer

About the Author


Dr. Gary Michael Epping, PhD, received Bachelor and Graduate degrees in Business Administration, and was a University Professor for twenty-five years. During that time, he taught and published several scholarly articles about the business world. After a radical spiritual transformation at a long-running revival in the mid-1990’s, he subsequently received both Bachelor and Graduate degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology, in order to prepare himself and his family for spending eight years as missionaries in Thailand. The Epping family recently returned to America, and is currently living in Montana, where Michael is a minister, rancher, and writer. He presently has around ten books on Amazon Kindle, with the most recent being a revised edition of “Birthpangs of the Tribulation.”

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