Consent by Birth (Trinity Breed) by Kevin Allen

Mark Morrison’s past seems like it began in an orphanage, with a blanket with strange words. He had no name until the Morrisons adopted him in his adolescent days. His best friend Marian has known him since his adoption. Twenty-eight years of life has landed him in a struggling marriage, no kids, holding a steady job as a homicide detective in Boston with Marian still by his side, now as his partner.
When Mark and Marian inherit a string of Serial killings their lives begin to unravel. First, mark’s marriage suffers because he’s never home. Then on the case, the feelings Marian and he never paid attention to turns into a night of passionate lust, thanks to a failed date she has. They begin to realize, that the sudden night of lust is as connected to the murders in ways they would never willingly admit. As the case unravels it opens a very personal connection to Mark, and to Marian. With his marriage hanging on the line and their friendship severely tested amid the chilling case, can they stop the killer before he kills again – Or will the demon of a lost past tear their whole world apart.

About the Author
Indie Author Kevin Allen is the author of eight books. Hailing from the Island of Jamaica, this writer is slowly making a mark in the world of literature. With works in the Scifi, Paranormal, Crime/thriller, Romance, & Suspense genres hinting with etchings of the erotic, Kevin Allen shows the same versatility in writing as his reading habits.

Find and follow Kevin Allen via twitter @metawriter or

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