ULR Feature: 50 Hairstylist by Rick Morton



This is the book like no other in the salon industry. 50 of the world’s top hairdressers, salon owners and colorists share their secrets to success. Read about what they think you should do… and NOT do… to make your career the best it can be and how you can guarantee your future. If you’re a young stylist just starting out, or a beauty school student about to embark on your career, this book can make all the difference on your road to success. Order your copy today. Begin immediately learning the secrets that have made the country’s top hairstylists successful. Learn how to find the perfect mentor… How to develop new clients… When to specialize… What you didn’t learn in school…

How to learn color… and more. Order now!

An Interview Author and Stylist Rick Morton – Los Angeles

What made you want to write a book about hairstylists? Rick: Well, I’ve been producing video education in the professional beauty industry for over 30 years and in that time I’ve gotten to know a lot of very successful stylists and salon owners. And I’ve seen a lot of young stylists who would like to succeed in their beauty career. But it’s not easy.

So you saw a need…

Yes. The stylists in our book have “been there… done that”. They’ve made the mistakes and learned what it takes to be successful. People like Beth Minardi, the NY hair color guru or Hollywood’s Kim Vo… Orlando Pita, Nick Arrojo, Tabitha Coffey. These are big-time success stories. I thought, These are stories that young stylists need to hear if they’re going to be successful. So I started making calls.

Did anyone turn you down?

Interestingly, no. No one did. Every single stylist, whether they knew me or not, was eager to share their success secrets. I was pretty amazed, actually. The information in the book is invaluable to a young stylist.

Thanks for joining us.

Order now!

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