ULR Feature: Design Career Handbook by Michael Aleo

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Who can become a designer?

The short answer is: anyone with a love of design. By “anyone,” I mean that you can do this no matter what age you are or what you’ve been doing up to now. Whether you’re just starting out on your career path or are further along in your career and want a change of pace, you can become a successful web and app designer.

About the Author


Mike’s years of experience at some of Washington’s top design agencies have made him an invaluable partner to his clients as well as the White House, where he served as Art Director for the President of the United States, Barack Obama. He founded the award-winning design studio, NAV in 2013 to apply his expertise and energy to projects that people are passionate about – creating exciting and groundbreaking design across all forms of digital media.

The idea for the Design Career Handbook was born through a year of mentoring design students and finding that most of their questions weren’t about actually designing, but about their career path and the industry as a whole. This book is a labor of love to share that knowledge.

Reserve Your Copy Now!

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