From Heaven Comes Guidance

Written by Seth Ferranti


My Life after Death is a book written by Erik Medhus through his mother Elisa Medhus from Heaven. Erik passed away in 2009 but has remained active in our world as a spirit guide helping others through his blog, Channeling Erik. In the book Erick describes the afterlife in detail. But the book is more than just a journey to the other side, it is a story of a young man who died and transformed into spirit form and is an affirmation to all of us that the afterlife lives and is there for all of us when we pass away. Take a trip with Erik to Heaven and see what its all really about as he lets us see it through his eyes as he experiences it for the first time.

A riveting and thorough account, My Life after Death will hold your attention and challenge your imagination and all you hold true. Your beliefs will be affirmed or shattered and all your questions of what it feels like to die will finally be answered. The spirit world is unveiled through Erik and he provides the answers that people have been seeking for generations, showing that love and God and Heaven have no boundaries and life truly never ends. We spoke with Eriks mother about this amazing book and spiritual journey so that she could shed more light on this amazing project.

Why did you write the book My Son and the Afterlife?
I wrote my first book, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side, to share my journey from skeptic to believer. After my young son, Erik, took his life, I was devastated, of course. But what made matters worse was that I was raised by two atheists. Plus I’m a physician with a scientific background so for me, something was real only if I could perceive it with one of my five senses or measure it with an instrument. Three days after his death, my atheist father called me in a panic to say that Erik appeared before him while he was sitting in his chair reading a newspaper, then turned into the little boy version of himself and crawled into his lap. He was so startled. That made me wonder, so I began to read all sorts of books on consciousness survival, quantum physics and more. While I was researching, Erik began to make his presence known by manifesting in front of us, turning on unplugged appliances, locking deadbolts, turning on faucets, dropping Airsoft BBs from the ceiling and more. I began communicating with him through the uncannily accurate and gifted medium, Jamie Butler, and posted what he shares about death, the afterlife, the life of a spirit and bigger concepts like time, God and love. Through Jamie, Erik wrote his memoirs in the book due for publication this Fall: My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven. As the first book recounts my journey, his book recounts his. He discusses what death was like for him, how it was to cross over, what happened right after, what the afterlife looks like, what it’s like to be a spirit and more.

What are you doing with the website?

I first created the blog, Channeling Erik, as a place to vent my profound grief. I heal best when helping others so I wanted to provide others in pain with a place to share and feel safe and supported. Now we have almost 40,000 members from all over the world, all part of a tight-knit community learning from Erik and sharing insights of their own. Curiously, Erik now pranks and visits those blog members. In fact, I had to add a “Share your Erik Story” to the blog.

What can people get from reading your book or visiting the website?

We have 40 million baby boomers today grappling with their own mortality, and many of them want to know what, if anything, will happen to them after they die. There are also a lot of people who have lost loved ones, and wonder where they are and how they’re doing. Some have death anxiety often to the point that they become paralyzed in life. Others are simply curious about death and the afterlife. So the target audience for the book is anyone who is going to die. Immortals need not apply. It will give you the hope that there is a place for you after you die and that your loved ones are not gone forever. In fact, those loved ones want a continued relationship with those they’ve left behind. Love knows no boundaries, even death.
What was the process like writing it?
Describe what your book is about?

My role in this second book is that of a transcriptionist. I simply type what Erik says. The first part was excruciatingly painful for me because he shared details about his death that were very graphic and detailed. I didn’t really want to know those details. His good-byes to each of his family members were very heart wrenching for me, too. It wasn’t until he described his crossing over and everything that followed that I felt like I was witnessing his glorious adventure into the afterlife. From the book, I’ve also learned that he is happy and he has found himself in a way he never could when he was alive.

What would you compare your book to?

This book compares closely to the bestseller by Annie Kagan, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers because it also is a spirit’s account of the afterlife and spiritual matters.

What has people’s response to the book and website been?

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of emails and blog comments I get from people claiming that the book and/or blog has saved their lives—figuratively and sometimes even literally. For instance, one gentleman wrote the comment, “I was planning to kill myself today, but after reading Erik’s post, I want to live.” That was well over two years ago, and he’s still a wonderful part of our community. Sometimes Erik lures people to the book or blog. For example, he’ll get their computers to bring up the blog’s homepage even though they’ve never searched for it, never heard of it, and typed in a different url. Once, he had the book fly off the shelf at a Barnes and Noble and land at a woman’s feet more than two feet away. I’m very proud of what Erik has done and continue to do, and I’m honored to be the transcriptionist who puts his words out there for the public.

Describe your writing style and the tone of your book?

Erik is the author for this one, and his tone is very casual and peppered with sailor talk. He says he curses because he wants to be more approachable and humanlike rather than coming off as a spiritual guru who starts out with, “Welcome my dear one.” For those who take offense at his swearing, he says, “Words are just a string of letters. They get their power from the intent behind them,” and his intent is benevolent and loving. He also comes across as sincere, often blunt, so that what he wants to get across carries more power.

Where is your book available?

My first book, My Son and the Afterlife, is available at all online bookstores and most brick and mortar stores. The second book, My Life After Death, is scheduled for publication September 1, 2015, is available for preorder through many online outlets, including Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

About the Author


Elisa Medhus is a physician and mother of five who has practiced internal medicine for over thirty years. She is the author of three award-winning parenting books and has lectured on parenting for schools, parent groups, and corporations. After the death of her twenty-year-old son Erik, Dr. Medhus began journaling her grief in her blog A strong believer in science, she formerly viewed spiritual matters with skepticism. Once Erik began to communicate with family, friends, and blog members, her entire paradigm shifted. After devouring books on the quantum physics explaining the science behind spirituality, Dr. Medhus began her journey towards spiritual understanding and belief.

Why I created this blog/book: After my son, Erik, took his life, the pain was unbearable. But that pain was compounded by the fact that I was raised by two atheists. I didn’t really have a belief system about life after death. Plus, as a physician, my educational background is heavily steeped in science, so for something to be real, I had to perceive it with my five senses—or so I thought. Since I heal best when I help others, I decided to vent my pain by creating a safe and loving community where other’s who grieve could share their pain as well. Channeling Erik was born. But shortly after, Erik began pranking and visiting blog members. The membership grew exponentially and extended globally.What I’ve discovered during my journey is that people yearn for answers. Seventy-eight million baby boomers are grappling with their own mortality. Many people have lost loved ones and pray that they are safe and happy and that their relationship with them has not ended. I’ve also found that many people suffer from severe death anxiety. They’re so paralyzed with fear over the prospects of their own death that they can barely live their lives. Lastly, many people are just curious. They want to know the answers to the bigger questions.

Because of that universal need, I decided to collect the material from Erik’s answers to those many pressing questions and create a compendium of knowledge about death, the afterlife, the untethered spirit and much more. And so the book was born.

Preorder My Life after Death now!

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