ULR Feature: Never Lay Down by Eyone Williams


The climate in the streets of Washington, D.C. is fast-paced and violent during the Murder Capital years. Rule number one is to play for keeps. Reggie “Redds” Williams and his childhood friends grow up in the Kennedy Street area of Northwest. As they learn how to survive and take care of themselves in the streets they become known to law enforcement as the “Kennedy Street Crew.” The code—Death Before Dishonor—that they live by shakes their foundation to the core when they find out one of their own is working with the feds. When the smoke clears Redds and the Kennedy Street Crew find themselves on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Redds turns out to be the last man standing as he goes on the run and tries to disappear out of the country. He creeps through Philly, Atlantic City, and Columbus, Ohio while a federal manhunt is right on his heels. His only partner in the world is Necci, his high school girlfriend. Together, Redds and Necci change their identities as they move through the underworld of the streets. They survive on love and street knowledge.

When the feds finally close in lives are tore apart forever. The intensity turns up a thousand degrees when the wrath of the government comes down on Redds and the Kennedy Street Crew. Indictments come down charging everything from RICO to the murder of law enforcement. The death penalty is thrown on the table. Redds’ is driven by all that he stands for to Never Lay Down in the face of adversity.




Eyone Williams is an award-winning author from Washington, D.C.  He is also the CEO of Fast Lane Entertainment.  Publisher, rapper, actor, journalist, and talk show host are just a few hats that Eyone wears well.  Known for hard-core, gritty novels, Eyone made the Don Diva bestseller’s list with his debut novel, Fast Lane (Fast Lane Entertainment) which captured the raw elements of D.C. street life like no book of its time.  He followed up his debut novel with a highly successful series of urban fiction entitled Hell Razor Honeys 1 and 2 (Cartel Publications).  Joining forces with DC Bookdiva Publications, Eyone delivered his readers a short story entitled The Cross (DC Bookdiva Publication). Eyone released two more novels under DC Bookdiva Publications, Lorton Legends and Secrets Never Die. Both novels took him to another level in his career.  With the release of Lorton Legends Eyone won the 2012 AAMBC Male Author of the Year award, and made a number of bestseller lists. Secrets Never Die was adapted into a short film by rap artist Tabi Bonney and Cool Kids Films; Eyone also had an acting role in the film.  Under Fast Lane Entertainment, Eyone released Money Ain’t Everything, a fictional tale of the true events that surrounded one of the biggest drug organizations to stand trial in Washington, D.C. history.  A short story entitled Rolex Revenge is the latest writing project released by Eyone under Fast Lane Entertainment.

Eyone has written a number of true-crimes articles and was a staff writer for Don Diva Magazine.  Some of his most notable work appeared in Don Diva’s issue 30, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, where he, and co-writer Seth Ferranti, outlined the rise and fall of D.C. street legends Michael “Fray” Salters, and Wayne “Silk” Perry.  In Don Diva issue 27 Eyone also wrote an article entitled A Trail of Bodies where he documented the rise and fall of Panamanian drug trafficker Javier “Panama” Card; the Card story turned out to be the real life inspiration for the novel Money Ain’t Everything.

Urban Literary Review is an online talk show that Eyone hosts every Monday at 1pm EST where he interviews successful authors and publishers.  It’s a show geared toward education and information for all lovers of literacy.

Eyone’s latest mixtape, A Killer’z Ambition, is the sound track to the urban novel A Killer’z Ambition (DC Bookdiva Publications) by Nathan Welch.  He is also featured on the Wahida Clark Presents: The Honor Thy Thug Mixtape hosted by DJ Lyve.  On the song Honor Thy Thug, Eyone shares the track with Nuance, Willie Dutch, White Mike OZ, and Young Turk.

For more information about Eyone Williams please visit his Facebook page: facebook.com/eyone.willimas; follow him on Twitter @eyonethewriter; follow him on Instagram @uptowneyone; and tune into his show on Urban Literary Review or listen to archived interviews at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/urbanliteraryreview.


A Certain Someone by Ali O’Donovan is available free for the next 3 days.

Dates: 27th June – 29th June



Ex teacher Annie is on a serious downward spiral after losing her college sweetheart, her job and possibly her mind. But despite fleeing to the wilds of Kerry in Ireland to mend her broken heart, she soon finds herself entangled with two very different Mr. Wrongs. Mart a washed up soap star falls off his barstool into her arms. While Scott a hip American photographer seems intent on embarrassing her and becomes the nemesis she loves to hate. But it is the arrival of Philo a former college “frenemy” now remade as a social climbing glamazon and married to one of Ireland’s richest men that forces Annie to face some home truths. Can she sort out who really is that “certain someone”?
“A Certain Someone” is a sharply observed romantic comedy featuring a bruised heroine trying to find love beyond the clichés of hearts and flowers.



“I really enjoyed this book. Annie is a great character, funny and self deprecating and on a serious losing streak but determined and brave. After she loses herboyfriend and her job, she slinks home to Ireland with her tail between her legs
only to find herself caught up in village life and romantic intrigue in Kerry. So far so rom com but what makes this book stand out is the lively writing and the no holds barred insights into post Celtic Tiger Ireland. Annie’s deadly rival, the
ghastly nouveau riche Philomena Crotty is a comic monster to rival Lady Catherine de Burgh in her condescension and control freakery” – Amazon Reviewer

ULR Feature: The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello



Google at your own risk.

“A NY Times article I read about a L.A. teenager who Googled himself and discovered he was on a missing persons list in Canada, was the impetus for THE MEMORY BOX,” says Natiello. “He didn’t know he was a victim of parental abduction. I was fascinated with the concept of not knowing everything about yourself.” THE MEMORY BOX is from the hottest genre today—the marriage thriller “I especially love this genre of thrillers because they hit closest to home, both literally and figuratively, and are the most unsettling because of that. THE MEMORY BOX, like the other thrillers in this genre, like The Girl On The Train & Gone Girl it exposes the age-old fear: how well do you know you your spouse?


About the Author

evaEva Lesko Natiello is an award winning author and graduate of The State University of NY at Albany where she received a degree in psychology. She was born in Yonkers, NY and currently lives in suburban New Jersey with her husband and two children. Ms. Natiello’s debut psychological thriller, THE MEMORY BOX, is a recipient of Houston Writers Guild 2014 Manuscript award. When not writing suspense novels, Ms. Natiello enjoys writing humorous musings about life’s ironies which can be read on her blog. Her short story, The Wordsmith, was a finalist in The Writer Magazine 2012 Best Short Story. Ms. Natiello is especially grateful to her readers for their enthusiasm, the time they take to write reviews, get in touch or spread the word. She is at work on her next novel.

Also Available in Papaerback!

ULR Feature: Understanding the Soul of the Sun

Written by Seth Ferranti

soulofthesuncover3The book is available on Amazon.com.

Soul of the Sun by Vesa Lumielle  is a magical voyage of the soul. An adventure across time and dimensions. Readers travel into a poetic landscape, breathe and rest in Atlantis and remember the sun. A journey unlike all others. Vera recalls why he wrote the book, “It was deep calling and passion, what made me write this book.”

We live in the illusion of reality is a refrain from the book and Vesa says his book is “very poetic and occasions mysterious.” On his website http://www.resverie.com/home/ the book is described as expressions of extent emotions, shadows of rainbows in poetry of music. A dance of tears in a velvet moon light, an excursion understanding of compound in shadows.

Night and the desire of love in deepest aspirations.

His book is like poetry and the website is full of images that show “the connection between soul and human.” Vesa says. By reading his books readers will make a discovery unto themselves or who and why they are. “ For me it is, extremely important.” Vera says. The understanding, the poetry, the images.

He doesn’t offer any grandiose claims about what reading his book will bring he just offers, “That is for the reader to find out.” He knows his books intrinsic value and says, “It is worth of your time.”

A futuristic metaphysical view of society and life is what Vesa offers. “Soul of the Sun, briefly touches next books or the stories within this books.” He says.

And positive energy is what his book brings to the table. He offers that readers can gain insight and “hopefully much positive energy and love.” He says.

The book is available on Amazon.com.

And here is a short excerpt from Soul of the Sun

It’s the second day at the expo. I arrived a little early, eager to get a good seat. Three of us, myself, Tuomo and Katri have each made our own plans, agreeing to meet up later on in the afternoon – this suits me just fine as I am feeling tremendously excited to get things started. Yesterday I had such a strong connection with Jonette. I also had a strange dream about today’s workshop, but I don’t remember much… I just recall seeing symbols, angels and blue beings.

I am one of the first to arrive and as I settle in I am greeted with the typical, “hello, how are you?” messages, sometimes improved by a ‘namaste’, however, with an added bonus of a cosmic smile, giving me a sense of belonging within these walls. Shaking hands with others was another vivid experience, surfacing huge amounts of excitement and welcoming love, a ‘back to home’ vibration.

Few groups and couples strike up metaphysical talk, particularly about Jonette and her history. I grab the opportunity to eavesdrop whilst all is still quiet, but people in the room quickly increase in number, and as it does, I start to feel an unexpected love rise into my heart.

The sheer joy of being here is tantalizing – it all feels so timeless and feather like. I am in a cloud of my own, feeling my breath deepening. Everything around me is not interacting with me – I am detached. I hear what seems to be bubbling sounds and some clapping. I then see a wind following Jonette’s steps as she makes her way to the stage. I see her energy and can feel the air getting more tense. Electric blue sensations hit me everywhere, and at that moment, I am surrounded by blissful perfection.

The book is available on Amazon.com.

ULR Feature: The Irish Flapper by Catherine Stack


Available on Kindle for $0.99!

The Irish Flapper, is a novel set in Manhattan during the exciting Roaring Twenties about a young Irish woman’s journey to America to fulfill her contrasting dreams of wealth and artistic expression. Once in America she awakens to the stark difference between her dreams and the disillusioning reality of an immigrant’s life. It is her new friends, flamboyant cousin and her new found love that make life in the big city an unforgettable adventure.

In America she encounters her wildly flamboyant cousin Isabelle who just happens to be the “IT” actress of the moment and the girlfriend of a notorious dangerous gangster. Isabelle introduces her to the enticing, glamorous but ultimately empty and deceptive world of fame and fortune. Annie falls deeply in love with Jack an extremely successful stockbroker haunted by the ghost of his past which threatens their future. In the end it is the knot that ties family and friends together that helps her through great adversity and devastating loss.

Available on Kindle for $0.99!

About the Author

Catherine Stack is a freelance writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. The Irish Flapper is her debut novel and the result of a combination of her great love of the Roaring Twenties era, New York’s endless energy, and great ambition as well as Ireland’s charm and alluring natural beauty. The tale is loosely based on her grandmother’s life in New York as a young Irish immigrant during the an era which spanned the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression.

Available on Kindle for $0.99!

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ULR Feature: She’s All Caught Up! by Jamila T. Davis


Available Now in Paperback and on Kindle!

She’s All Caught Up! is a cautionary tale for young people enamoured by the fast life and for older folkes who love them. The memoir tells of the negative influences that swayed the early life of author Jamila T. Davis (creator of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series). She is currently serving a 151 month federal sentence for her role in multi-million dollar bank fraud scheme.

Book Review

“Growing up it was always clear that Jamila Davis was going places. Supported by her loving family she excelled in school and dance and dreamed of someday going to the Fame High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan. She sang in the Sunbeam Choir at church and loved every minute of it. Her stories of childhood road trips with a father who refused to stop for anything but gas had me laughing out loud as I remembered my own family vacations spent cross legged in the station wagon praying to hold it until we finally stopped.

But not everyone in Jamila’s life is on the straight and narrow, and she gets a taste for money and the thug life early on. As she gets older she quickly gets caught up in a life of fast money and huge risks, of drugs and gangs and teen pregnancy. And then in an instant, it all came to a screeching halt as Jamila is arrested on charges of drug possession.

It’s a personal, often heartbreaking tale of a young girl’s coming of age in the worst way. it is also a powerful lesson about the consequences that arise from making poor life choices. Jamila’s candor and openness about the path that led her to a prison cell make this a fascinating story, as well as a cautionary tale of how seductive easy money can be and that good kids from good families are not immune to making extremely bad decisions.” – Amazon Reviewer

Available Now in Paperback and on Kindle!

About the Author


Jamila T. Davis, born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York, is a motivational speaker and the creator of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series for incarcerated women. Through her powerful delivery, Davis illustrates the real-life lessons and consequences that result from poor choices. She also provides the techniques and strategies that she personally has utilized to dethrone negative thinking patterns, achieve emotional healing, and restoration and growth. Davis is no stranger to triumphs and defeats. By the age of 25, she utilized her business savvy and street smarts to rise to the top of her field, becoming a lead go-to person in the Hip-Hop Music Industry and a self-made millionaire through real estate investments. Davis lived a care-free lavish lifestyle, surrounded by rap stars, professional sports figures and other well known celebrities. All seemed well until the thorn of materialism clouded Davis’ judgments and her business shortcuts backfired, causing her self-made empire to crumble. Davis was convicted of bank fraud, for her role in a multi-million dollar bank fraud scheme, and sentenced to 12 1/2 years in federal prison. Davis’ life was in a great shambles as she faced the obstacle of imprisonment. While living in a prison cell, stripped of all her worldly possessions, and abandoned by most of her peers, she was forced to deal with the root of her dilemmas- her own inner self. Davis searched passionately for answers and strategies to heal and regain her self-confidence, and to discover her life’s purpose. She utilized her formal training from Lincoln University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, along with her real-life post-incarceration experiences and documented her discoveries. Revealing the tools, techniques and strategies she used to heal, Davis composed a series of books geared to empower women. Davis’ goal is to utilize her life experiences to uplift, inspire and empower her audience to achieve spiritual and emotional wholeness and become their very best, despite their dilemmas and past obstacles.

Available Now in Paperback and on Kindle!