ULR FREE ALERT: Every Word An Arrow by Leona Silberberg



Fast paced, powerful and one-of-a-kind, one reviewer calls Every Word an Arrow a “must-read book for anyone getting married or divorced.” For those of you who are already married, another reviewer says that this book will give you a “moment of dread” and send you to the home computer to check up on your finances.

Learn about the type of men whom divorce lawyers call ‘rat-bastards’ and why. Learn the dirty little secrets in the rat-bastard playbook. Learn about the racket known as custody evaluations and about the cronyism among the judges, lawyers and court experts who work in family court and often blur the lines between their professional and personal lives to the detriment of the unsuspecting public.

Follow the story of Josie Blume as she cuts short her overseas engineering career to get married and start a family when she thought she’d found the perfect man. Richard is ten years her senior, tall and athletic with thick black hair and piercing green eyes and the successful scion of a wealthy San Francisco family.

After a decade of marriage and two children, Josie finds herself alone in her suburban Bay Area house, her career gone and her husband using his family’s money to destroy her. She enters an alien world and is thrown into the ravenous jaws of the divorce industry. Shaken to the core by what she discovers on her sojourn through our family courts, she emerges as a resilient and resolute warrior for justice and finds friendship and humor along the way.

Experience the deeply spiritual visionary dreams that guide Josie through her ordeal and meet the colorful tribe of friends she finds when she returns to her hometown in Montana to begin a new life with her children. There’s Iggy the former pirate who lived a daring and dramatic life on his sailboat, Alice the world-weary and wise cracking middle school math teacher who grew up the daughter of an Admiral, and Francine the free-spirited fun-loving bohemian artist. You will be entertained and enlightened by this powerful, moving and profound new book!
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Book Review

Anyone who has ever been caught up in the “divorce industry” will find this book hard to put down. While fiction, it captures very well the emotional and financial pain often inflicted by a legal system that too often has turned into an industry that spins pain into profit. The story draws you in immediately and the characters are very believable. I hope we hear more from Leona Silberberg!


About the Author

Leona Silberberg graduated from the merchant marine academy and traveled the world aboard U.S. merchant ships while she was in her twenties. After settling in the San Francisco Bay Area she married and had two children. While she was embroiled in several-years-long divorce, she earned a Master’s degree from the University of Montana and lectured in Art History. She will always love Montana but she currently lives in Northern California with her family. Leona is passionate about social justice, writing, art and of course her children. She wrote Every Word an Arrow after discovering the endemic corruption in family court and she now considers herself a visionary warrior for social justice for family court litigants.

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