ULR Feature: Prince of the City by Jason Poole


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Malik Perry is the son of Michael, a ruthless gangster who is regarded as the King of Southeast, one of the worst sections of our nations capitol and infamously known as the concrete jungle . A smart ambitious hustler who eagerly wanted to retire from the game and live a normal life with his wife and son, but something goes wrong before he quits. Malik, the heir to his throne, is too young to understand yet old enough to listen. Now left to be raised by his aunt Linda, a female hustler with connections, Malik takes a journey through life on the opposite side of the city where he becomes equipped with every valuable lesson to be learned on the gritty streets of Washington D.C. In his quest for riches while climbing the ladder of success, Malik meets two people that could ultimately change his mind of becoming the next king. Rico, a friend who’d become the brother he always wanted, and Peaches a love he never knew. Love, trust, and betrayal laced with every ingredient the streets have to offer.

About the Author


Jason Poole is the author of three urban bestselling classics: Larceny Part I, Convict’s Candy, and Victoria’s Secret. He is also a screenwriter, who has written several movies as well as the executive producer of a budding reality show slated for production. Now serving as president and CEO of his own publishing house Gangster Chronicles Books, Jason is currently working on his memoir titled, Products of Our Environment, and the release of his first novel under his own imprint.

Book Review

“Jason Poole…Love this guy! This story was constantly moving. There was no down time at all. It is a street banger for real! People were getting there head busted at every turn. The action was crazy and the drama was crazy. Life on the streets of D.C. ain’t no joke and Michael Perry is the King. Until he is betrayed by the one man he trusts the most. Now his son, Malik wants to take his rightful place as the Prince of the same streets that took out his family out. With the help of his Aunt Linda, teaching him the ways of the streets and his friend Rico, being his brother in crime, he has worked his way up to surpassing the role of Prince to his role of becoming the King of the city. You got to read this book and let Jason Poole take you on Malik’s journey to becoming not just a King, but a Man!” – Amazon  Review

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