ULR Feature: 2 Sides of a Penny by Carlton M. Brown


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Losing both parents to the cold Bay Area streets and a brother to the system, Jason can’t help but shake the fear of being taken next. In his struggle to stay alive, and keep his brother Savion from being America’s nightmare, he must also worry about Gooney’s underhanded plans. Along with the love of his life Sheila, Jason moves heavy weight with the dreams of one day settling down and raising a family.

A few blocks over, Italy is abused daily by her crack-addicted mother and longs for the love of her deadbeat father. Finally crossing paths, Jason proves to be a blessing and a curse to Italy, giving her a dose of reality on more than one occasion. As Italy’s life spirals out of control, she’s reminded of Jason’s teachings but the boosting and drug dealing lifestyle has her trapped.

What will it take for Italy to give up the street life? Will Jason reach his goal and retire from the game? 2 Sides of a Penny is a roller coaster ride through triumph and loss, love and hate, power and revenge, deceit and mutiny to see who will be the last breathing survivor.

Available now in Paperback and on Kindle!

Book Review

Carlton Brown’s “2 Sides Of A Penny” was an all around five-star read. One aspect of his writing that I love is how developed the characters are. He makes you feel the struggles of Jason, losing his parents and having to face the cold world alone. If you want a novel that is relateable and hits on points often ignored in other literary works, “Two Sides Of A Penny” is definitely for you. Great job Mr. Carlton!

ULR Feature: The Wealthy Mindset: 77 Valuable Wealth Secrets To Make You Rich In Every Area of Life by Jean Amore

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The wealthy think differently. True financial freedom is only a step away, if you know how. Are you ready to start becoming truly wealthy?

Being smart with money and becoming wealthy is not rocket science, but for many it looks and feels like hard work. The funny thing is it, the fact of its very simplicity means that more and more people should know and be doing this. But they are not. This is because most people do not know how to make money work for them, not the other way around. This is also because making money involves patience and restraint. Everything about our culture advocates otherwise.

There is no short cut to instant wealth. Being rich means playing a game that lasts for years. The truly wealthy not only look forward to this game, but also look forward to playing it. By following these timeless secrets, you learn the value of hard work, patience and reap the rewards for years to come.

Never be complacent and put off your wealth creation for tomorrow. True wealth and real wealth starts by making these changes today. Break that piggy bank and start investing now …

Wealth creation is both a complex strategy and a waiting game but by following these 77 tips, you can be on your way to true wealth, a comfortable lifestyle and living your life financially free.

What You’ll Learn

– Introduction
– 77 Valuable Wealth Secrets To Make You Rich
– Creating A Wealth Foundation: Earning Financial Freedom
– Creating The Wealth Mindset
– Cutting Corners Where They Matter
– Investing And Managing Your Wealth: Becoming Truly Wealthy
– Investing 101
– Making And Protecting Your Money
– Protecting Your Money
– Tips On How To Make More Money Right Now

And Much More!

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ULR Feature: Don’t Get Caught Slippin’ by Cedric Lewis


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Curtis Griffin aka Cane formed a click called the “CMB Click” growing up. He was young but had street knowledge beyond his years due to the fact that he was the product of a drug one of the biggest drug family’s in the area. Cane had learning the ins and outs of the drug game at a tender age. Most adolescence his age were playing Nintendo but Cane was hanging with big time hustlers earning his way and making his keep. Eventually money came, followed by more women, notoriety and of course jealousy trailed. When Travis aka Trapp one of the Cane’s members and friend of the “CMB Click” betrays them and joins forces with an archrival from the Westside by the name of “The Poison Clan” they became the “Jack Boys” robbing any and every body by any means necessary. This book is a page turner. It is the goal of the author for the readers to comprehend and understand from his perception of what it is when you live the fast life. That everything that glitters is not gold, especially if you get caught slippin’. About the author: Cedric Lewis has wrote an impressive collection of books with this being his first published. He hopes to inspire someone by his lessons that the fast life has consequences. Cedric resides in Greenville South Carolina.

Book Review

“This book is amazing!!!! I was not able to stop reading it and the book is real inspiring. I cannot wait until the author release another book. Importantly, reading the book made me feel like I was literally there; therefore, I was able to finish the book within 3 days. Great job!!!!!!” – Amazon Review

ULR Feature: The Power & Intelligence of Karma & Reincarnation by Dharma


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In the distant past, life was pretty harsh – most work was manual labor, medicine was primitive and there was little law & order – the perfect opening to religions that promised an easy afterlife. Life was mocked as sin, “up there” awaited a magical land of plenty. These religions kept us weak, God made in the image of the local King reduced followers down to slaves/servants, down on their knees begging for mercy and seeking pity. This book asks for a paradigm change – are we still weak? Do we still think we can just run away from problems? This book is for the Strong, the Warrior, for those who see Life as a Great Gift from God, God as our Teacher, as we build the paradise right here on Earth and make Her Proud of us! Create & build a great Future for all life on earth. Only Reincarnation gives us such an opportunity.

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Book Review

“I believe in reincarnation and in karma and I’m a Christian. This book actually made me take a step back and observe my life. We all have lessons in each of our lives we need to learn. In some lives we do not learn those lessons and they carry on into the next one through karma. I actually never thought about it in the way the way the author talked about it.

I also never thought about what I could do for God. We all think about what He can do in our lives and in many ways we forget to ask Him about what we can do for Him. Take a look at this book and open your mind to cleaning out the negative and bring in the good karma!” – Amazon Review

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ULR Feature: After by David Wardrop

afterbookAvailable on Kindle and in Paperback!

AFTER by David Wardop is a story about mental anguish and suicide told in two parts. Keith Campbell is a quiet and shy boy who loves comic books and science fiction until he begins to contemplate suicide. The first part of the story, which is told in reverse order, describes the world of tragedy that is left after Keith dies with his family struggling to understand why he kills himself. The second half of the story, on the other hand, describes the world that Keith lives in because he did not commit suicide. This is a reflective and revealing account of one person’s mental struggle with suicide and the effect that it has on his health and those who care about him.

What sets this novel apart is the fact that Keith takes his own life right and the novel opens after his death attempting to illustrate Keith’s rationale for his suicide. The novel is, at first, depressing, sombre and dark, yet it progressively gets more blithe and hopeful. The novel’s conclusion is ironic and thought-provoking, and the reader has to remind himself/herself that although the novel ends on a positive note, because of the manner in which the narrative has been presented, this is not necessarily the case.

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About the Author

David Keith Wardrop is 23 years old and lives in Bearsden in Glasgow. Currently, David is a full-time gardener at Ruchill Park in Glasgow and has written two other full-length novels entitled “Sexanto” and “The Gardens of Zarma”, along with various short stories for magazines. His main literary influence is Philip K. Dick and his futuristic stories such as “Minority Report” and “Counter-Clock World”. Other works that have inspired him include Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Brain K. Vaughn and his comics “Ex Machina”. David aspires to be a prolific sci-fi writer, and the thought of being published helps him to cope with his depression and envision a brighter future for himself.

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Book Extract

Mary woke up a few minutes before lunch. She lay in bed, staring at the white ceiling, listening to the bird song outside the window. She thought how peaceful the house must look from the outside, the walls and roof so still, giving no indication of the devastation that had happened. Those birds’ songs seemed so magical weeks ago; now they were another function of nature, noises in the trees indicating another morning. On her way to the kitchen she paused and looked down the hallway that led to Keith’s room. Was she strong enough to go in there? She had not been in this morning, though that was by accident. The last time she had entered Keith’s room was on his funeral two days ago. She nearly went crazy; it seemed so vast without Keith sitting in the middle of the room, playing his computer games.

Mary was halfway through cleaning the dishes when the urge to venture into her son’s room arose. She did not know why. She knew it would hurt her, but she went anyway, pulled down the hall by an overwhelming unseen tide. She flicked on the light switch; the curtains had still remained closed, as they had been on the day Keith had left the house for the last time. Mary tiptoed across the room as she had done many times. It wasn’t that the room was messy; on the contrary, Keith’s things were always carefully stacked. It was just that there was so much stuff that one wrong step could send all the books, magazines and comics into a domino that really would make the bedroom messy.

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ULR Feature: Sex, Lies, And A Charter School: The Misappropriation of Your Tax Dollars by Dikombi Gite


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Sex, Lies and Scandal. Oh My! Did that actually happen in the teachers’ lounge? Not to mention the mishandling of school funds! What should have been a liberating teaching experience turned out to be a journey of a different sort. Jacoby White left corporate America to make a difference by teaching and mentoring inner-city youth at a charter school. Little did he know that he would be the one taught an invaluable lesson!

Attention! This is not the book for you if:

*You are looking for a feel good story!
*You believe that the education system is fine!
*You do not care about the future of our country!
*You do not mind your tax dollars going to waste!

Available on Kindle and Paperback!

“Everyone whether their children are in a charter school, considering a charter school, or have children in a public school district should read this. Having worked in a school district and in a charter environment I can tell you these things do happen more often than you think. The education system has more problems than simply a need for more money. There is misappropriation of funds every where, there is nepotism every where. Our children deserve better. This particular charter claims to serve the under served, their schools are strategically located in low income neighborhoods and for years they have been touted as the charter example that other charters should follow. The school in this book has been in existence since 2007, it began as a low performing school and even though most of the people in this story have moved on and there is new staff it is still a low performing school. It’s sister school opened at the same time that is mentioned in this book is the same. The stories in this book are true. Read the book!” – Amazon Reviewer

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ULR Feature: Drake City (End Of Days Book 1)


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John and Winston have set off to explore the remnants from Final World War. As they tread on the pebbled valley and into the woods that hardly has any tree left, but sparsely spaced they begin looking for life only to find a few squirrels here and few birds chirping there. John and Winston have been frequenting this place to explore new things and new life every single day. The roads or rather just trails left were all familiar to them. But the best part was there was still greenery left here. They had arrived from Drake City to explore the possible last of the habitat here.
As they pass through the woods and find a squirrel, they recall what Benji had told them. Benji had said that the squirrels were fluffier before the Final World War. There are times when John and Winston were not too keen on hearing Benji’s repeated stories about what happened before and after the Final World War. Having recalled what Benji had said about a squirrel’s fluffy exterior, they decided to carry the squirrel with them that Winston had managed to kill.
Little did they know that one day they would stay in this so called Drake City, the only Kingdom they had known so far. The Grey city as John and Winston called it was made up of metal. Rather, it was made up of the remnants military shells, planes, ammunition, and weapons. The most interesting matter that surprised Winston was how the Grey city survived even after almost 500 years of the Final World War. What lies ahead of John and Winston? Is there any amazing fact that both will discover at the Grey city? Find out how the lives of Benji, John, and Winston unfold in this Grey city that they call the Drake City.

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