ULR Feature: An Inspiring Afternoon: A Life-Changing Conversation by Milan Bakrania

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“What’s your secret?”

That’s the question that jump-starts a conversation that will benefit anyone who is curious about life, happiness or their place in the world. As Grandma unfurls a lifetime of wisdom, the reader will feel like the fourth member of a crackling conversation that explores an exhilarating way to live.

Wise Grandma, wide-eyed Lucy and cynical son-in-law Stuart cover many things central to human existence from overcoming anger to finding love and gaining financial success. Though Stuart objects, he quickly finds himself faced with scientific research and real-world examples that make him question his assumptions.

Self-assured, kind and funny, Grandma is the ideal guide, combining philosophical musings, self-help practicality and a studied grasp of diet, psychology and brain chemistry to light the way to a better tomorrow.

This book is perfect for anyone pondering the big questions or looking to build a better life. Readers will find themselves taking away life-transforming advice, even as they begin to hope that Lucy, and even good-hearted Stuart, have understood enough to apply what they’ve learned over this inspiring afternoon.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Book Review

“Well-written and extremely interesting, this book was everything I was hoping for. In addition to being thoroughly inspiring, the words of wisdom left me thinking long after I finished this read. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on vision. Overall, I highly recommend this one and look forward to more from this author soon.” – Amazon Review

About the Author


Milan Bakrania was born and raised in the United Kingdom, South London. As a child he would feed his imagination with stories of ancient myths, vampires and aliens. He left college with A-Level passes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, going on to study and work in the I.T. field. Along the way, and for no reason whatsoever, he would note down story ideas and thoughts in a journal. Today, much older but still a child at heart, it is these random musings that form the foundation for his work. He is a keen observer fascinated with the age-old questions: What is it to be human? Are we really evolving? What is our place in the universe? When he writes he is simply reacting to his observations. His quest continues.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

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