ULR Feature: Drake City (End Of Days Book 1)


Free on Kindle Unlimited!

John and Winston have set off to explore the remnants from Final World War. As they tread on the pebbled valley and into the woods that hardly has any tree left, but sparsely spaced they begin looking for life only to find a few squirrels here and few birds chirping there. John and Winston have been frequenting this place to explore new things and new life every single day. The roads or rather just trails left were all familiar to them. But the best part was there was still greenery left here. They had arrived from Drake City to explore the possible last of the habitat here.
As they pass through the woods and find a squirrel, they recall what Benji had told them. Benji had said that the squirrels were fluffier before the Final World War. There are times when John and Winston were not too keen on hearing Benji’s repeated stories about what happened before and after the Final World War. Having recalled what Benji had said about a squirrel’s fluffy exterior, they decided to carry the squirrel with them that Winston had managed to kill.
Little did they know that one day they would stay in this so called Drake City, the only Kingdom they had known so far. The Grey city as John and Winston called it was made up of metal. Rather, it was made up of the remnants military shells, planes, ammunition, and weapons. The most interesting matter that surprised Winston was how the Grey city survived even after almost 500 years of the Final World War. What lies ahead of John and Winston? Is there any amazing fact that both will discover at the Grey city? Find out how the lives of Benji, John, and Winston unfold in this Grey city that they call the Drake City.

Free on Kindle Unlimited!

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