ULR Feature: The Adventure of the Beryl Anarchists: A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery (New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Book 14)

theadventuresAvailable now on Kindle and in paperback!

A deeply distressed banker enters 221B Baker St. His safe has been robbed and he is certain that his motorcycle-riding sons have betrayed him. Highly incriminating and embarrassing records of the financial and personal affairs of England’s nobility are now in the hands of blackmailers – the Beryl Anarchists they call themselves – all passionately involved in the craze of motorcycle riding and in ruthless criminal pursuits.

And then a young girl is murdered.

The anarchists are suspected. But so are the sons, and the sisters, and the malaproping maid.

Holmes and Watson must find the real culprits and stop them before more crimes are committed – too horrendous to be imagined. To do so they must not only outwit the murderers but they have to master the beautiful art of motorcycle riding themselves.

This new mystery was inspired by “The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet” and borrows the setting and some of the characters. And, of course, our beloved Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are there, just as they are in the original Canon.
Are you a devotee of the great motorcycles of the past? The Norton and the Triumph? Or maybe the fabulous Brough? Are you a fan of the anarchist sub-culture of motorcycle gangs? Whatever … buy, read and enjoy.

Available now on Kindle and in paperback!

About the Author

craigElementary, my dear reader. What else, after fifty years of enjoying the stories of Sherlock Holmes, is a recently retired gentleman to do with his time but write more stories about the world’s most beloved detective.

Craig Stephen Copland confesses that he discovered Sherlock Holmes when, some time in the muddled early 1960s he pinched his older brother’s copy of the immortal stories and was forever afterward thoroughly hooked. He is very grateful to his high school English teachers in Toronto who inculcated in him a love of literature and writing, and even inspired him to be an English major at the University of Toronto. There he was blessed to sit at the feet of both Northrup Frye and Marshall McLuhan, and other great literary professors, who led him to believe that he was called to be a high school English teacher.

It was his good fortune to come to his pecuniary senses and abandoned that goal and pursued a varied professional career that took him to over one hundred countries and endless adventures. He considers himself to have been and to continue to be one of the luckiest men on God’s good earth.

A few years back he took a step in the direction of Sherlock an studies and joined the Sherlock Holmes Society of Canada–also known as the Toronto Bootmakers. In May of 2014 this esteemed group of scholars announced a contest for the writing of a new Sherlock Holmes mystery. Although he had never tried his hand at fiction before, Craig entered and was pleasantly surprised to be selected as one of the winners. Having enjoyed the experience he decided to write more of the same, and is now on a mission to write a new Sherlock Holmes mystery that is related to and inspired by each of the sixty stories in the original Canon.

He currently lives and writes in Toronto, New York, the Okanagan Valley, and Tokyo, and looks forward to finally settling down when he turns ninety.

Book Review

The newest novel in Copland’s New Sherlock Holmes Mystery series is a riveting tale of theft, blackmail and the battle between the have’s and have not’s. The Adventure of the Beryl Anarchists is another gem in a collection of great novels with a slightly surprising twist in that the tale unfolds from Watson’s perspective leaving you wondering what Sherlock knows or will uncover next.
Copland has delivered another solid story with a plot filled with twists and turns holding your attention until the last page.

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