ULR Feature: Angel’s Prophecy by Kira Shay


Available Now In Paperback! Click Here.

Ryan Gregory shouldn’t exist. As the only known progeny of two angels, he is considered a blasphemy and extremely dangerous. With both Heaven and Hell out to kill him Ryan has spent his entire life on the run with his eccentric Uncle Azra. One would think that dodging Fallen Ones and hiding from the Heavenly Host would be enough to keep anyone busy, but there’s also the small matter of Ryan being the harbinger of an angelic prophecy predicting the end of the war between Heaven and Hell. The problem? Ryan needs to find a specific human to help him fulfill his destiny and he has no idea where to start. Enter the mysterious Stella Evangeline. Ryan finds a powerful connection with her even as she throws everything he thought he knew about the prophecy into question. The discovery of a heavenly weapon hidden on earth has Ryan’s time shortened and his list of enemies growing. To keep either side from finding the weapon, he must chase after his destiny and save the world in order to prove that he should exist after all.

Available Now In Paperback! Click Here.

Book Review

“This book had me hooked on page one. Loving on Azra . Kira Shay is an amazing writer. I was able to see each character as if I were watching a movie. I got angry, I got flirty, I got hurt, and I laughed. A lot. It’s got action, fantasy, love, and everything in between. You gotta read it. I can’t wait for the next book. Step aside Twilight there’s a new series in town.”- Amazon Reviewer

Available Now In Paperback! Click Here.

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