ULR Feature: Silly of Me: May The Best Woman Win by Tiffany Forbes



Silly of Me is the story about women who learn valuable lessons about love and friendship. LaBrea is looking for love in all the wrong places. She works her way into Lyric, Phaedra’s and her cousin Sade’s circle.
Lyric is happily married to Aries they seem to have the perfect marriage but he is never around. All he wants to do is make money. LaBrea has a lover that she will do anything for to prove her love. She has a lot going on in life; just crazy in love. Phaedra doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to her family.
Everything seems perfect but it really isn’t. Jealousy, envy, lies and betrayal will make you reconsider who is real and who’s not. In the end, the ladies may all be saying silly of me because everything is not what it seems.


Meet Tiffany Forbes

TiffanyTiffany Forbes showed her gift of writing as a child. She currently resides in Petersburg, Virginia with her fiancé and two beautiful daughters. She currently works at Central State Hospital the state’s only forensic mental hospital.In addition to her love of writing, she loves to cook and bake. While enrolled at Virginia State University she majored in English and took classes in English Education to teach middle and high school English. Some genres that she writes in are fiction, urban lit, romance, poetry, short stories and science fiction to name a few. Silly of Me will be her debut novel and she has other projects in the works as well in 2016 including Silly of Me 2.






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